Political talk from outside of the UK
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By youngian
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Kreuzberger wrote:
Sat Nov 07, 2020 8:37 pm
I have always thought of Medvedev as a reasonably shrewd bag carrier but not really that much more. A; are we going to find out? B; what the hell happens when that house of kleptocratic cards starts to wobble?
That's a common misconception about Medvedev but he has a more Western vision for the Russian economy than Putin. Who sees business as another centre of power to control in the service of Mother Russia (him).
By crabcakes_windermere
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The Parkinson’s stuff is all based on his gunslinger walk and visible tremors, so I suspect it’s accurate. Thing with Putin is, without his strongman image he’s vulnerable, so I don’t think this is so much retirement as getting the fuck out of the way before someone takes an opportunity.
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