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By Big Rob
There is a shia-sunni split, which is more hateful than the EDL shia-sunni split.

If the EDL actually understand that islam is effectively split into two sects that see each other as heresy that is.
By Big-Iain
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Well, you can mark me out as stunned. Iran and the west agree on limiting / reducing Iran's nuclear research.

Sounds like news that most people will welcome - a thawing out of relations between A Member Of The Axis Of Evil and The Great Satan.

But, we are dealing with the Daily Mail, and they lead with "'Iran have been given a licence to kill': Netanyahu blasts 'historic mistake' of agreeing Tehran nuclear deal" Readers' comments are suitably tin-foil-hat predictable, with the third best-rated comment being
DesertGirl, New Mexico, United States, 9 hours ago wrote:This is all part of the development of the New World Order. I'm sure that Kerry is a regular member at the Bilderberg meetings.

Beam Me Up, Scotty !
By Big Rob
The Repugs are fucking so stupid now that they are playing into the hands of Iran.

Iran seems to be very good at strategic planning, especially as they were the winners of the Iraq war.

I wonder what victory Iran will gain because of the Repugs blind hatred for Obama if any of this shit fails in Congress?

The other countries involved in the pact think that Iran's leaders are less insane than the GOP? Further power grabs in Iraq and Syria while looking the other way when it comes to Daesh?

Whatever the GOP does believe you me Iran will have already figured a response.
By Big Rob
Nice to see Netanyahu call Iran a "murderous regime".

Nice to see Netanyahu, even for a fleeting moment, being on the same side as Daesh.
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