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By Kreuzberger
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I just don't get why the MeckPom result should be seen as such a disaster for the Merkel and the CDU. Yes, that is where Merkel grew up but that is of little or no relevance.

The state is a backwater. There are few geographic parallels to be draw with the UK because of geography but the best I can offer is that it is like west Wales rising up to slap their most famous daughter despite the fact that they have few refugees but possibly sense a degree of alienation or marginalisation, and despite the fact that they have been huge net beneficiaries of reunification. They don't like wogs much, either.

The one worry is that the perennial squabblers of the AfD could possibly edge their way in to the Bundestag. However, I cannot see either two main parties (joined by Die Linke in the East) ever legitimising this rabble as coalition partners.

A CDU/CSU, FDP, AfD coalition in 2017 might just be statistically doable but I can't see it. A CDU/CSU, SDP government is currently more than likely but the senior partner (Merkel) will need to shore up her support against the braun tendencies.
By youngian
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AfD leader Frauke Patry sounds like Farage and Leadsom rolled into one. I can only sympathise for what the Germans have in store and hope these loons have passed their zenith here. What a piece of work
The leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany party has accused Angela Merkel of being worse at her job - because she has no children.
Frauke Petry, who has four children, said the German chancellor was unable to 'see beyond her own lifespan' because she had no offspring of her own.
Merkel, 62, has never had children but her second husband, Joachim Sauer, has two adult sons from a previous marriage.

Petry told Germany's Stern newspaper: 'I have four children and Merkel has none.
'Children help people to see beyond their own lifespan and that is exactly what Merkel does not do,' she added.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z4KiJHCdYG" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By Kreuzberger
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Thing is, it is easy to compare this with Nice because it, well, is. However, nobody knows for sure yet what has really happened.

All we do know is that everyone I know or have ever known - people of no faith and people with - always and every year go to the Weihnachtsmarkt several times. It is something to do on a Sunday afternoon - we were in the Spandau Old town yesterday - or where you meet with mates after work, go for a mid-winter flirt or buy a pair of cheap, Chinese-made gloves. It is nothing more, nothing less.

Whether this is terrorism or an appalling accident like the Glasgow bin lorry at this time last year, it is too early to say. But, it could have been any of us and that is what really brings it home.

The tiny shaft of light is that I have not seen a single faackin mussies post on Facebook yet. Small mercies, annat.

And, thanks for the solidarity messages upthread, comrades. These are much appreciated.
By Dan
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Yeah, I think it's important not to leap to conclusions just yet. We don't know anything about the guy that allegedly did it and Daesh would take responsibility for a stomach ache if it kept up the pretence that they aren't losing and losing severely.

A tragic and cowardly attack though. Completely.
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