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youngian wrote:Like Trump and Brexit AfD won in areas of low migration due to obvious economic reasons. Are AfD economically protectionist? Those yearning for the security the GDR provided Die Linke would seem the likely anti-politics choice.
Any thought like that about Die Linke certainly date back to the early part of the last decade. They are a modern democratic socialist party with a pro-EU stance, an aggressive environmental agenda and strong pacifist tendencies. They are most certainly not authoritarian and are loudly pro-asyl and pro-homo, as is said in these parts.

Our ward is in the west and even though it appears to be not quite as red (rather green) as neighbouring electorates, Die Linke still shaded it over the Grünen on the second vote. At a constituency level which is probably 65/35 former east, and on the first vote, it was the other way around.

19 of my neighbours voted AfD. I have a good mind who at least three of them are.

Sorry, I digress.

This notion that the "AfD won in areas of low migration" is not so much false as a little misleading. The new intake of refugees don't appear on the official figures because many of them are either still in transit or have other non-settled statuses. They are, however, being housed in Ossi towns which are run down, often deserted and have municipal buildings which are, or were, no longer in use.

No one ever moves to these places unless they are making organic jam or are digital nomads who fancy the quiet life (in a barn that cost 250EUR) yet only 100km of Berlin, Leipzig or Dresden. Moreover, anyone under 30 usually leaves and has been doing so for twenty years. With those few exceptions, the population has been getting older and whiter by the day. Even the ethnic Russian and Ukrainians who were relocated in after the war are dying out.

And then, BLAM! All of a sudden, a gang (read: five) Syrians are hanging around the bus stop smoking and all hell breaks loose. Rather than address the (curiosity --> fears) of the schnapps-soaked locals with townhalls and pro-active communications, the state (Brandenburg) sends in some pastie-faced vegan to tell the locals that they are fascists if they don't hold out a "Refugees Welcome" sign that has been knocked up with crayons bought off the internet because all the local shops closed years ago.

That is the vacuum in which the AfD has thrived and the outgoing coalition knows exactly what has gone wrong. A post-war and/or post-reunification German has invested a lot in the promise that a brighter future is on the horizon and does not expect to be, as they see it, let down.
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