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It definitely isn't a clear case of Islamic terrorism, at this stage. He praised Elliot Rodger just before the attack, which isn't exactly the actions or radicalised Islamic extremist?

‘Socially awkward’ van driver, 25, who killed 10 on Toronto sidewalk was 'fixated on Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger' who massacred six during 2014 rampage sparked by women who sexually rejected him
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... spect.html

And this twat:

needs a smack in the mouth.
By bluebellnutter
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The minute I saw they'd taken them alive I was under the thought process it wasn't your standard ISIS nutter. They tend not to allow themselves to be taken alive because of all the virgins and stuff, so they tend to either blow themselves up or go down in a hail of bullets.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I think he did attempt 'suicide by cop'.

The video is incredible. He's pointing what looks like a gun at the policeman and threatening to shoot. The policeman refuses to open fire and they manage to take him alive. Compare and contrast with America.

One thing which is odd here is that the Mail have not allowed comments. They do this when it happens in the UK for legal reasons but never when something like this happens abroad. Numerous times something has turned out to be a false alarm or not terrorism related yet the early articles are already filled with comments from the Mailites ranting about Muslims and how it's "happening again". I wonder if it's an attempt to avoid that from happening all the time?
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Fucking hell, you're right. I didn't even know this subculture(?) existed to this extent. Found one of their forums and expected it to be mostly parody and people just trying to out-shock each other but they seem deadly serious.

I dont expect everyone here to agree with what AM did, but don't apologize for him.
Seriously you sound like a giant cuck.
I do condone it but wish it wouldn't need to happen. The ball is in normie hands, STOP BULLYING UGLY MEN.
Maybe if society didn't treat men in general like disposable garbage and low value men with nothing have nothing to offset that treatment in their lives...
Fuck off, this dude was a product of his environment. You think he would've killed people if he had a Stacy gf?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Blaming society for their own short comings seems to be a spot on description. They appear to openly 'confess' to being ugly men therefore have decided that they can't get a woman and in turn hate women and society for that. I'm sorry, but that's fucking weak. One of my best mates is ugly as sin and he's got an absolutely stunning wife. That'd be because he's a good guy and very likeable. These people are simply arseholes.

I get that the school years can be brutal and people are very superficially judged but from the few threads on that forum that I read many of the men are just that. Not school age.

The irony of the alt-right trying to immediately blame it on Muslims yet it could very well turn out that it was one of their own.
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