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new puritan wrote:As Telegraph hack Tim Stanley put it, would they have done the same for Saddam Hussein if he'd died before invading Kuwait?
If he had been royal they would.
This is down to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (Secretary of State - Sajid Javid)
DCMS spokesperson said:

In line with long-standing arrangements, the Union Flag is flown at half-mast on Government Buildings following the death of a foreign monarch.

It is requested that all flags be half-masted from 8am today until 8pm this evening.

Any other UK national flags flown alongside the Union Flag when it is at half-mast should also be at half-mast. If a flag of a foreign nation is normally flown on the same stand as the Union Flag, it should be removed.

Local authorities are not bound by this request but may wish to follow it for guidance. Devolved administrations are responsible for issuing instructions for the flying of the Union Flag on buildings in their estate and others as necessary.
By Big Rob
youngian wrote:This is way beyond the motions of diplomatic Realpolitik, a half mast flag on parliament is usually for the likes of Mandela not for this cunt.
Oil, arms and the United States.

Ever since the late forties the US has needed Saudi oil. The House of Saud has needed American support, in terms of arms to remain in power, so the US can get that oil.

Britain is a US cheerleader.

The fact that oil dollars have been used to spread Wahhabism is ignored.
No doubt.
I was just trying to explain why it was done.
I'm not sure how you could prevent it, so it's probably best not to get too worked up about. That and not shooting the messenger.
By Big Rob
Not worked up. As I said previously this fawning was to be expected.

The best analogy for me is that snow stays in my back yard constantly for up to 6 weeks without melting, with subsequent falls adding to the depth. I cannot get out to clean up the dog shit in this time.

However when the snow does melt the build up of shit will make me gag when I have to clean it up. I know that's in the pipeline for me now and that I will gag. I will get over it though.
By youngian
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Put in an historical context there's nothing unusual about ISIS's tactics of using ultimate terror as a weapon of war. The worst outcome is that they achieve military supremacy and then they will have to begin to build a peace and a state. What that state will look like will probably be something like Saudi Arabia.

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