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By Kreuzberger
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I am not sure that either rules or getting caught are at play here. The Khassoggi and Skripal has similar aspects to them insofar as both were brazen and both were committed full in the knowledge that the CCTV alone would be enough to hang them out to dry. The either don't give a fuck or are sending a message. Possibly the later.

KSA has one weapon and one alone. The price of oil. They are have enough reserves to withstand a chill and Iran is back out of the general market. So who benefits if the spigots are turned off? Russia. Now would be the the best possible time for KSA to exert a little pressure and to remind the US that they still hold sway, even though that Damoclean sword is becoming blunter with every passing year

I stress that I am not channelling Alex Jones. I am simply trying to work out cui bono in all this. Are the Saudis trying to give themselves some headroom with the threat that they could refloat Russia within weeks, just as the US seems to be hell-bent on another cripplingly expensive arms race?

Really. I am as clue less as the next man. Probably more so.
By MisterMuncher
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Both have served to illustrate pretty clearly that they can do what they want, because the US will cheerfully sit on their hands.

I hesitate to lay it on the Donald, but these feel a lot like ranging shots on his regime. If that's what he'll let slide overtly, who knows what shit they could get away with covertly?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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To be honest I hadn't really thought about it as deeply as the theory Kreuz has put forward.

I thought it was simply 'Saudi being Saudi'. They kill people on a daily basis and I just assumed they didn't think killing a another Saudi national in Turkey would cause such an international drama. That, and they know the US and ourselves won't really do a lot about it apart from a bit of lip service in front of the cameras.
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By cycloon
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I can't help but be wary of Murray. His Skripal equivocating was tiresome, and his whole business strikes me as being 'look, the West is really bad too', which is not surprising, not news, and not, actually, that helpful for anyone.

Mailite-esque contortion from the comments 'USUKIsNATO MSM'.
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