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http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/d ... ens-rights

Religiously conservative Law & Justice party embarks on nuclear family agenda, described as ‘payback time for the church’ after years of liberalism

Campaigners are planning to step up resistance to Poland’s ultra-conservative government after it cleared a constitutional path for hardline law changes, expected to include a total ban on abortion and curbs to gender and human rights.
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That's not a bad article on the whole until it goes awry at the end. The article even goes in to some detail about how Poland's modern-day rightist populism has deep roots in pre-WWII ideologies, but it still seems obligatory to blame everything bad on '45-'89.

It is no coincidence that faith in communism depended on exactly the same kind of logic. Contempt for the rule of law; the identification of a minority faction with the interests of the nation; the separation of power from office by constructing extra-legal chains of command; the demonisation of opponents and purges of state structures; an ideological re-interpretation of history: these are all legacies of communist rule. A quarter of a century after the end of communism, the alleged hold of communists over the Polish state is still being used as a pretext to deploy communist-era methods to take hold of the Polish state.

Antithetical to pluralism of any kind, the authoritarian logic of communism demands total victory not just when it comes to politics, but over history as well. When Poles protest against Kaczyński’s attempts to dismantle the independent institutions of the post-1989 republic, they are not just disputing his right to control the media, the civil service, and the judiciary. They are disputing his claim to ownership of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, to the victims of Smolensk and the Katyn massacres, to the national heroes buried at Wawel and the movements they represent; protesting for the right of all Poles to interpret their identity as they see fit and to share in the achievements and failures of their nation’s past as equals.

These two Jacobin articles are really useful, though.

Poland’s Iron Consensus
The Polish Right Can Be Defeated
Silkyman wrote:http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/poland-women-abortion-strike-protests-black-monday-polish-protestors-industrial-action-a7343136.html

I want to punch religion in its fat stupid fucking face.

So do I, its crap. Fairy stories to try and explain things which were not understood hundreds of years ago but, due to advances in knowledge since the enlightment in the 18th century, now are.

It has no purpose, or useful function and is simply a means of control.
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Science explains our sense of the transcendence or something like the soul, ey? Enlightenment and romanticism live in all of us.

I dislike its control, etc, but let's not pretend it has no point in human affairs. Poland got it bad though. Like most.
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Religion as a means for helping people cope with life is fine. It's religion being used against other people where the problems start.
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