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By Kreuzberger
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Littlejohn's brain wrote:Along with Goldsmith losing in Richmond this has been the best week for good political news for a while.
By Zuriblue
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Littlejohn's brain wrote:Along with Goldsmith losing in Richmond this has been the best week for good political news for a while.
By Dan
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It's pretty interesting though as the Mail's (public) insistence is that it has always despised the far-right and is simply a newspaper for under-represented Conservative voters who are not racist but who have genuine concerns simply about the number of people arriving in the UK.

This is the closest I've seen it, in modern times, to actually nailing its colours to the mast. It admits that Hofer is a far-right politician yet it seeks to gain some kind of sympathy with him for attacking his opponents as "gloating". Very interesting. It shows Dacre's hatred of the EU is so strong that he has decided to stop pretending to be a civic nationalist.

The hypocrisy, of course, is there because Mailites did nothing of the sort for Brexit.
By Andy McDandy
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Yes. Dacre's always been careful to present his idealised Mail reader as a proud and basically decent Briton who's just been pushed a bit too far by rapid social change and just wants a breather to get his/her head around it all and control over their own lives. Who looks on foreign cultures and thinks "how quaint!". Sort of like the late Terry Wogan's public persona.

That mask has slipped - first in the referendum campaign but since the high court case and the Trump victory, it's gone full mentalist. For me the "oh shit" moment came when there were reports of an orthodox Jew being abused on a Manchester tram - usually the Mail and the like have been at pains to say that they're not racist, it's only some extremists they have issues with, etc. Indeed, Jews vs Muslims/"the left" was until recently a mainstay of their narrative. Jews were, to quote Partridge, good.

Then the comments. Oh my. We're right back in Germany '38.
You could say that the Mail is merely reverting to type as it openly supported the Nazis pre war.

Yes, agree good result in Austria, hope it is the beginning of the end of this surge for the far right
By Messianic Trees
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According to the Telegraph, Anton Mahdalik of the Freedom Party of Austria has
singled out Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader, for contributing to the party's defeat after he said on Fox News on Friday that Mr Hofer would hold a referendum on Austria leaving the European Union.

"That didn't help us, it hindered us," he said, saying that an overwhelming majority of Austrians support EU membership.

Casting his vote in his home town of Pinkafeld earlier on Sunday, Mr Hofer ruled out a referendum and said: "I would ask Mr Farage not to interfere in Austria's internal affairs."

"It is not something I want. We need to build a stronger union," he said. He said he would oppose Turkish membership or further centralisation of the EU.

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