Political talk from outside of the UK
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By mr angry manchester
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1, I sincerely hope Katie Hopkins does fuck off

2, I don't like this tone of "no more liberals running governments" it sounds like the early steps on the road which leads to, well we have been there before haven't we?
By Catkins
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I typed it in a message to someone yesterday, and laughed hysterically.

Brexit felt like a punch in the guts. The US election is just so fantastic I'm still at the "America? Are you sniffing glue?" stage of incredulity.

2016 has been a terrible year politically, but President Trump's inauguration will be one hell of a way to start January 2017.
By crabcakes_windermere
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If I were Trump, and Trump's entourage, I'd be quite worried. Because now he has to deliver what a lot of Leave voters over here also wanted delivered - mass repatriation of immigrants, and an end to immigration.

Only whereas we have the appalling Farage's weasel words and Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells tutting into their Daily Mail, he promised it directly, and repeatedly and the crowd he'll piss off when he fails to deliver are all quite heavily armed.
By Fozzy
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youngian wrote:He hasn't the authority to overturn Roe Vs Wade and has probably paid for enough abortions to open a clinic. I forgot the child rape accusations so we could have the impeached president scenario.
The trouble is that he does have the authority to appoint judges who will do it for him.
By Andy McDandy
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Have just been reading something about presidential ages. In 1992, Bill Clinton was not only massively younger than George HW Bush, but he actively played on his youth, playing saxophone at rallies, campaigning on MTV and so on. He also tackled issues that he knew younger voters were interested in (such as environmentalism), knowing that even if they didn't agree with his stance, at least he seemed to acknowledge that it was an important subject and he'd take it seriously. Whereas Bush regarded such things as not even an issue.

OK, different times and drivers and so on. But it's worth pointed out that there have been shades of Trump's victory in several recent elections. Reagan won against Carter because, in part, he promised America that he'd put an end to post-Watergate and Vietnam soul searching and make people feel proud to be Americans again. Bush senior beat Dukakis by going on thee attack from the start and never letting up, forcing Dukakis onto a defensive footing. Bush and Obama were both relative outsiders standing against someone seen as deeply tied to the old regime, or simply old. Obama promised empowerment and change to people who felt disenfranchised*. And so on.

In light of all that, it makes this more understandable, if not any more palatable.

*OK, in that case the people were actually disenfranchised and under-represented...
By Abernathy
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mr angry manchester wrote:One crumb of comfort is that he will be gone in 4 years max. He's now the oldest ever president to take office, I can't see him running again in 2020.
He is marginally older than Ronald Reagan was at the start of his first term. Ron went on to a second term. Trump has a rather larger ego than Ron.
By Abernathy
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crabcakes_windermere wrote: the crowd he'll piss off when he fails to deliver are all quite heavily armed.
To quote The Donald himself, I dunno, maybe those second amendment people could do something about it.
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