Political talk from outside of the UK
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By Bones McCoy
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Catkins wrote:
The likes of druggie Robert Downey Jnr
Now as far as I'm aware Downey has been clean and sober since the turn of the century.
Long before Liddle accepted a caution for beating his pregnant girlfriend.
His nickname's not Stella for nothing.
By mattomac
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Considering Turnout will have dropped while the population increased you also have to take that into account.

Considering who he is lining up, it's all the old GOP neocon Stalwarts with a few Tea Party demagogues. I'm sort of expecting a bit of a Reagan re-run, John Boulton is also apparently around which means I wouldn't consider Russia remaining cordial for long.

He is choosing GOP people, what a surprise, the Republicans are generally cunts, the party has swung so far to the right in the last 8 years that Donald is probably actually to the left of most of them, it should have been almost impossible and it probably would have been with a fresh face but them the decisions you make, the campaigning for a "machine" was absolutely hopeless, that advert of her doing a mannequin impression said smugness really.

They committed to winning Florida when they hadn't realised that other states were a little more dicey, I put bets on based off Nate Silver's analysis and it was there for the Democrats, they just ignored it.

There will come a point when the tide reverses mind, America unlike Brexit voted narrowly for Clinton so of course any dramatic moves by Trump will resort to violence, America will not be a nice place to visit for a few years but Donald like the rest will see there political careers end in failure.
By visage
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There was an interesting article on 538. A 1% swing in a few states would have pretty much reversed the electoral college tally....

http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/wha ... nts-makes/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I wonder if the Clinton camp got a bit too cocky - assumed certain states were in the bag and tried to go for a massive EC win, instead of shoring up the (apparently non existent, in hindsight) blue wall?
By crabcakes_windermere
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I'm still not entirely convinced we'll ever see President Trump - or at least not for long. Because:

1. Lawsuits. He's got loads coming up already. Loads. And now he's president his affairs will be scrutinised like never before.
2. The look in his eyes when he met Obama. It's sinking in. He's gone from hugely popular guy at rallies with people screaming his name to taking on one of the hardest jobs in the world at age 70, and he is a fucking lazy bastard who has never held office. For all her flaws, Clinton knew what she was getting into. Trump has no idea, none. And they couldn't even get him to sit still to be properly prepped for the TV debates.
3. Health. His doctor report wasn't worth squat, and his father had Alzheimer's, which is inheritable. He's a fat old guy who has spent decades living the luxury life. The extra stress of a campaign and the job might see him out (and potentially 6 feet under) much sooner rather than later.
4. It's Donald Trump. He never, ever, ever cared about absolutely any of it anyway other than beating other people and winning the popularity contest. He's got what he wanted - he will go down in history as the 45th president. Why the hell would he stick around to do the actual work and risk becoming hated, or being fired? I would be amazed if he didn't have some sort of escape plan in place, and I suspect many Republicans would welcome it.
By mr angry manchester
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Pence. Hes a loon, whereas Trump is just a buffoon, its like comparing Bojo to IDS. Another point, has Trump got, or had, any mob involvement or connections? Hes rich, involved in construction and casinos, these things tend to suggest the possibility
By youngian
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Some states still have delegate nominations which is a hangover from the time the states appointed the president. They can theoretically make Hillary president especially as she has the legitimacy of winning the popular vote. Extremely unlikely but legally possible.
By Dan
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Would this be a case where they'd have to pit their consciences against the "will of the people"?

Complicated because Hillary won (just) the popular vote.

Maybe Trump will want this. This is a Boris Johnson moment - he took this on to be the valiant loser and for it to boost his other ambitions. He's now won and victory tastes more sour than defeat.
By mr angry manchester
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I don't think anyone would dare go down that road with what it would unleash from these crazy racist, heavily armed dickheads who voted for him, it would kick off big style.

Trump will spend the next 4 years passing the buck to Pence and groping interns
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