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By Samanfur
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White House backs down from legal fight, restores Jim Acosta's press pass

The White House on Monday said that CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's press pass has been "restored," bowing to days of pressure and a federal lawsuit against the administration.

CNN signaled that it would drop the ongoing litigation over Acosta's access to the White House.
"Today the White House fully restored Jim Acosta's press pass. As a result, our lawsuit is no longer necessary," the network said in a statement. "We look forward to continuing to cover the White House."

Monday afternoon's announcement, what the White House called a "final determination," was an abrupt shift from the administration's earlier positions.

Nearly two weeks ago the Trump administration took the unprecedented step of suspending Acosta's access to the White House after he had a contentious exchange with President Trump at a press conference.

When a federal judge sided with CNN and issued a temporary restraining order last Friday, thereby forcing the White House to restore his press pass for 14 days, the administration continued to threaten his access.
A new Monday afternoon letter from Sanders and Shine included no expiration date, though it does contain the general threat to take action against any reporter who flouts new "rules."

"Having received a formal reply from your counsel to our letter of November 16, we have made a final determination in this process: your hard pass is restored," the White House said in a new letter to Acosta.
"Should you refuse to follow these rules in the future, we will take action in accordance with the rules set forth above. The President is aware of this decision and concurs."

The letter detailed several new rules for reporter conduct at presidential press conferences, including "a single question" from each journalist. Follow-ups will only be permitted "at the discretion of the President or other White House officials."

The case was assigned to Judge Kelly when CNN filed suit last Tuesday. Kelly was appointed to the bench by Trump last year, and confirmed with bipartisan support in the Senate. He heard oral arguments on Wednesday and granted CNN's request for a temporary restraining order on Friday.

Trump seemed to shrug off the loss that day, telling Fox's Chris Wallace in an interview that "it's not a big deal."

He said the White House would "create rules and regulations for conduct" so that the administration can revoke press passes in the future.

"If he misbehaves," Trump said, apparently referring to Acosta, "we'll throw him out or we'll stop the news conference."
By spoonman
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For all past POTUS's, credible claims that they had been suggesting to the US Dept of Justice of finding ways to jail political opponents would have kickstarted impeachment proceedings, if they hadn't resigned by the time they were put"on trial"

With Donald Trump, it's simply called "Monday".
By mr angry manchester
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:28 pm
Someone has made Donald Trump toilet brushes and you can buy them

https://www.indy100.com/article/preside ... nd-8639656
Want one!

PS a stall on Manchester Arndale market a week or two back was doing Donald Trump Halloween horror masks
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