Political talk from outside of the UK
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By youngian
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I agreed with Trump when he accused European countries of negligence by making its IS fighter citizens stateless instead clearing up their own shit. In practice 'European countries' means the UK government. But he even screwed up this stopped clock moment by exaggerating the significance of European fighters (a marginal issue in the big picture).
By KevS
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Worth pointing out that if someone from, say, Hull had popped over for a holiday in Florida, and whilst driving their hire car through the Everglades on the left hand side of the road, killed some poor unsuspecting sod, legged it back to the UK, and then the Government here basically shrugged their shoulders and said "nothing we can do", Trump would be ordering the 101st Airborne Division to flatten the Humber Bridge and the KC Stadium as we speak.

Also, blatantly obvious that the orange idiot thought all he had to do was invite the Dunns to the White House, and they'd be so dazzled by meeting him, they'd agree to anything, but that hasn't worked, has it?

Good luck to them. They've shown more dignity and fortitude under the circumstances than I ever could.
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By Boiler
I can imagine their response - that they'd been 'ambushed' by Trump - will not go down well with his supporters. See some of the comments at

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... ts-7577013

The UK of course would not have the guts to expel a few US diplomats to make a point.

Sadly, I see this going nowhere.
By Catkins
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Good luck to them. They've shown more dignity and fortitude under the circumstances than I ever could.
Even before Sacoolas skipped the UK the Dunn family had asked the police to downgrade any charge of dangerous driving to careless only. They wanted her punished, but not jailed as she had young children. That's incredibly generous given the circumstances.

If she'd accepted responsibility she'd have been a short story in the local newspaper.
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By Samanfur
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The Trump administration claim that the ambush was Johnson’s idea/request.

Number Ten has responded that they only asked the White House "to help".

Leaving aside how deluded you have to be to think that Trump and his lackeys would "help" in any way that wouldn't make things worse, I wouldn't believe anything that comes out of either channel.

Mrs. Sacoolas (the poor little lamb) is apparently offended that the parents snubbed the offer. So yes, I expect a name-calling Twitter meltdown from the toddler-in-chief at any moment.
By Samanfur
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Unfortunately, sarcasm doesn't always translate.

There're no winners in this case, and I suspect that both Mrs. Sacoolas and Mr. Dunn's family have been told things by officials that turned out not to be true.

But Mrs. Sacoolas' lying to the police and running away wrapped in the US flag says more for her than anything else.

Unfortunately, if she was capable of that, I suspect that she sleeps far better than she deserves to.

I can only imagine the outrage if the nationalities were reversed, as well.
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By The Red Arrow
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Bones McCoy wrote: Ker-ching!!
No! No! No! Every possible venue was scrupulously and thoroughly considered on its own merits by a crack team of venue inspectors.

If Mel Brooks did White House briefings...

More comedy gold from the same briefing skewered here...

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