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By Boiler
My head hurts because of his stupidity.

Dismissing one official's plea to not "ignore the science" on climate change, Mr Trump said: "It'll start getting cooler, you just watch... I don't think science knows actually."
On Monday, Mr Trump also claimed that other countries had not dealt with the same level of forest fires, despite major conflagrations in Australia and the Amazon rainforest in recent years that experts attributed to the changing climate. "They don't have problems like this," he said. "They have very explosive trees, but they don't have problems like this."
By Cyclist
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That's the first time I've ever agreed with a Trump.

I really don't give a fuck about christmas stuff and decorations.

Take yer International Festival of Gluttony, Drunkenness and Rampant Commercialism* and ram it!

*Not forgetting it's also the festival of domestic abuse and violence, and of suicide.

The "most wonderful time of the year" my arse.
By Boiler
My brother-in-law convinced others not to bother giving presents or money at Christmas. I refused to go along with it; Mrs. B. would have been furious about this as she used to spend so much time thinking up imaginative presents for people, even if they didn't always appreciate them - it was her favourite time of year and I'm damned if I'm going along with my relatives.
By Oblomov
Have they prepped a massive syringe of bleach to mainline into him?
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