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By The Weeping Angel
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The last president who refused to attend the inauguration of his succesor was this prick


Which is appropiate really as like Trump Andrew Johnson was a racist egotist who ended up being impeached because he thought he was above the law.
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By mr angry manchester
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There was a fat gammon called Trump
He gave all the liberals the hump
He lied to us all
And built a big wall
But Biden's now put him on the dump
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Today's the big Pardon Bonanza Day.

I wonder who it'll be...

I read that pardons can be challenged in law, if the incoming President feels it's worth the bother (ie they become subject to judicial review as to the circumstances in which they are granted, eg bribery).
By Bones McCoy
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Pardons, and the lengthy handover period seem prime examples of failed statehood.

Don't even get me started on that "Commander in chief" malarkey, or the attitude to "Ye Gonnes".
By Oblomov
I see Trump pardoning Bannon as a bribe of sorts, in that Trump will protect them in exchange for them keeping schtum on their incriminating accounts (for a couple of years until the book deal offer becomes too good to ignore).
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