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How the Dutch Left blew it
Next year’s election is shaping up to be a fight between two right-wing leaders.
The Dutch Labour Party's poll ratings are tanking and it missed the chance to elect a popular leader who is a Muslim mayor of a major city. The current leader's unpopularity is more comparable with Nick Clegg than Corbyn.
Ahmed Aboutaleb was giving a lot of Dutch politicians sleepless nights earlier this year. A moderate Muslim of Moroccan descent, the mayor of Rotterdam is the most popular politician in the country.

Had he entered the fray as his party’s candidate in the Netherlands’ national elections next March, it would have upended the race. Instead, Aboutaleb dropped out of the contest for his party’s leadership before it even began, retreating from national politics altogether.

Late last week, the Labour Party chose as its leader Lodewijk Asscher, a party stalwart who served as deputy prime minister in coalition with Prime Minister Mark Rutte, a fiscal conservative.

The Labour Party has struggled ever since it decided in 2012 to join Rutte in reforming the welfare state. The economy recovered, but Labour never did. http://www.politico.eu/article/how-dutc ... k-asscher/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Exit Poll (so caveats)

People's party 31 seats(-10)
Party for freedom 19 seats (+4)
Christian Democratic alliance 19 seats (+6)
Democrats 66 19 seats (+7)
Green League 16 seats (+12)
Socialist Party 14 seats (-1)
Labour Party 9 seats (-29)
Dutch media outlet NOS is reporting that the exit poll could mean that the Labour party, one of the country’s largest has lost a record number of seats.
Christmas future.
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14% of the vote is about normal for a far-right party in the current political landscape. Rutte is an arsehole, however, a smarter David Cameron.

John Humphreys informs us: "Far right didn't pull off a victory so many predicted." Mainly by him and his sloppy colleagues at the BBC where Le Pen is 'favourite to win the presidency'
With 90% of the votes counted:

People's Party for freedom and Democracy (Rutte): 33 seats (-8)
Party for freedom (Wilders): 20 seats (+5)
Christian Democratic Alliance: 19 (+6)
Democrats 66: 19 (+7)
Green Left: 14 (+10)
Socialist Party: 14 (-1)
Labour: 9 (-29)
Christian Union: 5 (NC)
Party for the Animals: 5 (+5)
50Plus: 4 (+2)
SGP: 3 (NC)
Think: 3 (+3)
Forum for Democracy: 2 (NC)
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mr angry manchester wrote:The far right's idea of "freedom" is always a strange one isn't it? More Arbeit Macht Frei, than liberalism
I saw a meme this week with a PJ O'Rourke quote on it.
The general message implied Rights are the opposite of freedom.

I found this odd coming from a chap whose country cries freedom at every opportunity, but whose constitution and its amendments are full of freedoms.
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