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By youngian
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You have to be a wizard to understand the intricacies of the WTO and a shark to negotiate in it. But you swot up to understand as much as you can to keep hold of the narrative. One thing I have discovered; its yet another organisation Brexiters know fuck all about.
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By Biggus Robbus
The only country I know that has succeed on WTO terms is China.

Trump is up in arms about the WTO. Actually this is one of the few areas where I have sympathy with Trump.


Mind you the EU has similar problems.


Maybe the EU should have a hissy fit and leave the WTO?

However the EU is trying to save the WTO. How nice they are to Britain.
By Kreuzberger
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What's the Y-Axis? (Cash, real terms, trade weighted, real or constant prices between national or trading blocks with near zero or growth based domestic inflation?)

Without context, this is just a picture. There are lots of those on the internet.
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