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By Biggus Robbus
China brings U.S. tariff dispute to WTO, berates Washington for blocking judges

Well this looks great.
"If the United States were free to continue infringing these principles without consequences, the future viability of this organisation is in dire peril."
"It is China, and certainly not the United States, that is threatening the overall viability of the WTO system," the U.S. official said.
WTO. Safe as houses.
By Biggus Robbus
Just there. The sheer stupidity of Brexiters.

"It's in the EU's best interest. Look how much they sell to us"

The sheer inability to see the obvious irony is beyond pathetic. The application of different standards to other people ("When the EU sees the economic argument they will cave") is beyond contempt.

The way these fuckers lie to themselves to make themselves feel good rather than have the courage to look at something from a different perspective.

The sheer intellectual cowardice. The total surrender of all that was good about Britain. The total embrace of all that is bad about Britain.
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