Political talk from outside of the UK
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By crabcakes_windermere
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I think being nervous is good - the last thing anyone wants is to see a Trump win from complacency. Plus Pelosi and the other Democrats are focusing on winning the senate races, as it’s the new intake that decides with 1 vote per senator if Trump refuses to accept the electoral college vote for whatever reason.

This reassured me a bit though. If the distancing has started, their internal polling must be showing he’s looking bad too.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/202 ... SApp_Other
By mattomac
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Mon Oct 12, 2020 4:56 pm
Strange re-election pitch here. "Europe's got problems with Covid too". As indeed it does, but it's still done a lot better than you. And anyway, those European governments are getting criticism.

I thought he had the cure?

He knows COVID-19 has hurt him a lot but I’m not sure even a vaccine at this point helps him, his handling of the crisis has hurt him, not the disease. As someone said if he had taken this anyway seriously he would have probably come comfortably home, but he sought out the core vote and put them first.

It’s not knobheads at these rallies, it’s the old couple holed up in a house in Florida scared to go out. As for China that’s just plain racism, I wasn’t aware he had blamed them for making climate change.
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By youngian
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Express continues to satirise itself
DONALD TRUMP is trailing his Democrat rival Joe Biden in US opinion polls but a new UK survey has put the President way out in front in the race for the White House

The online poll revealed a staggering 80 percent (7,957 people) said they would vote for Mr Trump if they could take part in next month's election.
A total of 9,775 readers took part in the poll which opened at 10.30am today and closed at 7.30pm.

One Express.co.uk reader said: "Far more enthusiasm for Trump this election. I cannot stress sufficiently how the support for him has increased.

"He will win big! Polls are just as wrong as they were in 2016, maybe worse. Bought and paid for results by whoever pays for a poll. Simple.

"Lefties funded by China and Soros money are the visible opposition to him. It is not organic in the least." https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/13 ... press-poll
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