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Now I’m not getting all nationalistic and patriotic, that’s what got us into this fucking mess in the first place, we’re like the world’s shittest Nazis, I will point out however, that we’ve gone from being the biggest empire on the globe, to an annoying fucking piss head who’s just glassed the landlord, needs to leave, wants to stay friends with everyone but won’t pay his fucking bar tab. We’re an embarrassment. A petulant 5 year old with its fingers in its ears, running around the play ground screaming Brexit means Brexit over and over again. Ner Ner na fucking Ner Ner.
youngian wrote:Sounds the least of hill farmers' problems. Not my problem though as New Zealand has a much larger economy of scale and can produce lamb cheaper.
Good point. Well at least farmers in Monmouthshire can address their concerns to their man in Westminster, Brexit ultra, Mr David TC Davies.

Tory MP for Montgomeryshire was Brexit too. A farmer himself. Which sea does David Jones have? Probably rural. Another Brexiters.
Boiler wrote:The Brexit Repeal Bill is to be published today." onclick=";return false;

Oh, the comments... :(
[Mr Davis when] asked why Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had said the government had "no plan" for such a scenario, he said: "That's possibly because it's my responsibility to plan for it.
:roll: :roll:
Top Scots Tory calls for an end to calamitous Brexit as Scottish farmers face post-EU wipe-out ... ut/?ref=ar" onclick=";return false;
Here is an AFP picture of David Davis, the Brexit secretary, sitting opposite Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, at the start of talks this morning.

Barnier and his colleagues have a huge wodge of notes in front of them. Davis and his fellow Brits have almost nothing. Perhaps they have amazing memories, or perhaps they’ve hidden the paperwork under the desk.

Alternatively, this could be an indication that all those EU complaints about the UK government not knowing what it wants from the talks are not entirely unfounded ... ... b8aa039ae4" onclick=";return false;

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