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Arnold wrote:
Brexit pain for holidaymakers as pound expected to fall further against euro
Investment bank Morgan Stanley predicts pound-euro parity by early next year
Piling on the misery, the bank described Britain’s economic prospects as “bleak” as it heads for what appears to be a calamitous exit from the EU, with Tory ministers unable to provide clarity on their vision for life outside the bloc. ... ainst-euro" onclick=";return false;
It was bad enough on my holiday to Austria last week. And my holiday to Greece last year.

I want to go on holiday to Germany or Italy next year too. I'm sure I deserve to get stung there too, because I'm a culture snob. Or maybe I'm a narrow minded fool who doesn't understand that the world is wider than Europe.

Either way, kick my arse, it's my fault.
Despite being Europhile I'm perfectly happy these days holidaying in Norfolk as long there is good music and booze at hand. Its those Brexit voters having to queue up at Magaluf airport for hours and getting less than a Euro for their Pound that I feel sorry for. No I don't that was a lie.
I did that in the 90s when the country was run by sane people and Pound was high and stable so I'm alright Jack. I won't broach the subject with my leave voting relatives when they return from the Med it will just feel like I'm sticking the boot in. A Norwegian woman told me years ago about how their referendums were so divisive it split families. I'll leave them to quietly draw their own conclusions.
Not so much the future of Britain in Europe, more the future of a British company in the EU after Brexit...
Tubbs, who has worked for Lush since he was 20, had toyed with the idea of moving before. After the result, Tubbs describes the decision as almost instantaneous. “It feels like the majority of this country aren’t the same sort of people I am and I don’t want to stay around that,” he says. Zlamalova and Tubbs moved to work in the Düsseldorf factory in October. ... ign=buffer" onclick=";return false;

Full credit to the company for giving its employees this opportunity. Wish I could go.
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I've only been abroad twice in seven years now due to the personal circumstances of 'having a child'. Once to Disney in Florida (sadly funded by the sale of my wife's childhood home after the death of her father) and once to Eurodisney (ditto).

We've had some great family holidays in the UK. Several trips to Conwy and Llandudno as well as cottages in Yorkshire, The Lakes and for a week until yesterday, somewhere between Battle and Herstmonceux.

You can have great holidays in the U.K. But that doesn't mean I don't want to have the option of simple travel in Europe when we have the means.
Theresa May to offer free 'Schengen deal' to Irish citizens allowing them in and out of Britain after Brexit

Confused Brexit fuckwit wrote:Bigfeetbigshoes, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2 minutes ago
I'm not sure this acceptable, the southern Irish are going to have to choose, British citizenship or EU citizenship it doesn't look like they will be able to carry on enjoying the privileges of both. ... z4pecT3bnR" onclick=";return false;
Ah yes, the idea that sooner or later the Paddies will come to their senses and rejoin the UK...
Pretty please don't veto us Ireland. Dublin really is on the frontline of Brexit fuckwittery having to deal with a government that neither understand Europe, Northern Ireland or the Republic. Ever tried explaining to a Brexiter why the CTA is no longer tenable? Just don't
The EU this week has to explain yet again how the single market works after Hammond announced the government wants a transitional period but will end free movement. And he's supposed to be the informed sane one. And these arrogant pricks think they'll get one.
How can you have 'free movement' of just Irish people?

Because you will need to differentiate the Irish, British and everyone else at the border.

Having to stand and wait for passport control and customs isn't free movement or in any way analogous to Schengen.
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