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youngian wrote:
Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:59 am
Which way would Corbyn and May vote in this theoretical 2nd ref? May voting Leave would do Remain no harm.
May would shill for Leave but vote Remain.
Corbyn would shill for Remain but vote Leave.
randomelement wrote:
Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:40 am
I know come the choice between cock-up vs conspiracy that it's normally cock-up, but could the government* be trying to deliberately fuck up the negotiations, that only group 1 and some of group 2 still think Brexit is a good idea, with government waiting until the last moment to have a 2nd referendum to ensure the best chance for a remain outcome.

Exhibit A: The hamper of non-British, British produce. Even Armando Iannucci would have dismissed it out-of-hand as satire gone too far

*or at least their advisors, David Davis is too thick to come up with such a strategy, but could easily be led there.
Brexiters demonstrate British might by sending Barnier a hamper with Buckfast, Wotsits and a copy of Razzle
WTF? wrote:
Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:37 pm
The market trader says prices have gone up 20 to 30%. He says he doesn't know what caused the problem. How the fuck can he not know what caused it?
Because his name is Mr Thicky MacThick ?
Not necessarily. Leave is now the Tory default option. She came to her senses, they'll say. Story over.

Now, if she'd shifted the other way, it'd be inquisition time...
Dan liked this
"...sure those Paddys will have to go through GREAT Britain if they want to keep exporting to Europe. Checkmate!"

Oh. ... l-1233662/
Ferry link between Ireland and Spain starts at end of April

Ireland and Spain are to be linked by a direct ferry service for the first time.

The sailings will enable firms to bypass the UK when transporting freight between the two countries, which could be particularly useful after Brexit.

There are fears that the UK's ports could suffer from severe customs queues after it withdraws from the European Union in March next year.
For the record, there already are ferry links between Ireland and France.
Brexit blow as satellite monitoring centre moves from UK to Spain

European commission moves to ensure complete Galileo satnav infrastructure remains in an EU country
Even if Brexit is somehow reversed, we'll never go back to where we were. ... k-to-spain
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