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By Arnold
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Dave, Chorleywood, 10 minutes ago

WE know that when shopping on-line WE will not be maimed by insanely rich, madly PC, sneering entitled, Remainer cyclists as tends to happen almost every time that WE go, well, anywhere. OUR whole way of life has been destroy and now even OUR shopping centers are closing, just to spit us. All the best, UKIPPER Dave ... pping.html
By Bones McCoy
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:31 pm
"Classical liberal" seems to be code for "Well off, white, got a gay friend and a black friend".
Isn't that the phrase that Toby Young uses when he means Libertarian (and bad education).
By Andy McDandy
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Yes. Libertarian unless he's strutting around the neighbourhood playing general Jumbo. No objection to the blacks and gays if they're well turned out. And over there a bit.
By spoonman
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For the last decade to the west of the Atlantic, "libertarian" has become a popular label to identify for those whom have traditionally voted Republican all their lives but rather not identify with the shitshow** that was Dubya's two terms. Similarly we have "classical liberal" taken up as a label by those whom want to provide a cover for their racism, xenophobia, misogyny and/or all-round cuntishness. Alex Jones' main knob gobbler (since Jones' divorce anyway) whom I won't name but to say he has a Yorkshire accent and never seems to leave his flat, describes himself as one as an example.

And the end result has been those whom have long identified themselves as "libertarian" or "classical liberal" have seen their political identity hijacked - while I'd certainly have disagreement with such folks on quite a few issues I certainly have a little sympathy for them seeing their space being invaded by a bunch of insufferable arseholes.
By Andy McDandy
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More to the point, as someone cleverer than me pointed out, the crucial move made by the far right has been to adopt identity politics. To make out that they're the victims and can't they just get a fair hearing?

Fair hearing of course being a very loaded phrase. OJ Simpson's lawyers framed his trial as a question of "can a black man get a fair hearing in the city of Rodney King?" to great effect. The inference being that a guilty verdict would automatically answer the question with a no.

In the aftermath of the killing of Jo Cox we saw the likes of Katie Hopkins saying "Jo was for freedom of speech. So if you gag me you're shitting on her memory", to justify their right to say whatever they like. So we are with classical liberal. What it suggests is "Just hear me out, my ideas may be unpopular but give a guy a break", but what it means is "Give me a platform and I won't shut up".
By cycloon
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Yes, exactly. The alt-right/far-right/whatevers scream blue murder about identity politics, and then make everything about shadowy influence groups threatening a collective, immigrants, and hurt pride. Everything is channelled through identity-as-value/s: we are Christian, we are left-behind, we are true liberals, we are English/British/American/whatever, we are victims, we are the silent majority, yadda yadda yadda.

The lie at the heart of it all, of course, is that politics has, perhaps since mass suffrage, always been about identity. It's just which kind, and what that means, that matters. It is how this 'identity politics' (culture) intertwines with other aspects: economics, primarily.
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