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By davidjay
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youngian wrote:
Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:15 pm
Ask where the money is coming from to fund Johnson’s pledges in a No Deal recession Chancellor Javid didn’t shy away from the difficult questions; “It comes from the hard work of the British people.” That’s the sort of thing George Galloway would say.
Isn't that taxation?
By Oblomov
Boiler wrote:
Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:54 pm
James O'Brien's Caller Says No-Deal Brexit Will Be Fine Because Of "Bulldog Spirit"
Chris called from Spain to say that he has always been a Conservative voter and no one should be surprised that politicians have broken their promises. ... og-spirit/

I give up. Present company excepted, this country has been overrun by cunts and I no longer want to be a part of it.
I listened to that live and was astonished. It was an almost literal embodiment of the Mondeo Man of Romford. And no doubt if you put to him the idea of voting for someone else, he'd retort some faux-wise cynicism about supporting a party transparent in its self interest so he's not disappointed by inevitable hypocrisy.
By Boiler
Prompted by a tweet attacking Greta Thunberg seen elsewhere, I've just read Roger Helmer's timeline.

How the FUCK can someone be so stupid, childish and yet once in a position of influence (he still uses MEP in his twitter name)??
By Boiler
From another BBC bRanEspeKe at, the currently highest-rated comment:
Screenshot_2019-08-14 Hammond PM's demands 'wreck' new Brexit deal.png
Screenshot_2019-08-14 Hammond PM's demands 'wreck' new Brexit deal.png (3.38 KiB) Viewed 1817 times

Sometimes, I think these people have got the right idea.
By youngian
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Support groups for ostracised Brexiters meet to think up 'different reasons' why they voted for Brexit.
Leave voters in Bristol claim they are being ostracised by their own friends and family for voting to leave the EU. As a result they have set up a support group to discuss opinions in a ‘safe space’ after being subject to racist and fascist abuse.

Members say their pro-Brexit views have left them feeling victimised in the city, where more than 60 per cent voted to Remain in 2016. Jeremy, a 62-year-old member, joined the group after his partner’s son accused him of ‘ruining my life’ for voting to leave the European Union. He said:

‘Being a Brexiteer has become conflated and bracketed as far-right, but essentially it’s just blanketing 17.4 million people as being fascist and racist or stupid.
‘Leavers of Bristol’ is one of dozens of splinter groups formed out of the ‘Leavers of Britain’ campaign.

Paul, 42, who formed the Bristol group in January, said Remainers get away with displaying ‘acceptable prejudice’ towards Leavers. He said: ‘A lot of people who voted Remain equated a vote to Leave with racism and with good reason felt appalled by that. ‘It prevents a lot of people who voted leave from being able to talk about it, because rightly they don’t want to be associated with something that has extremely negative connotations. ... to=cbshare
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