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By Boiler
davidjay wrote:
Thu May 21, 2020 9:18 pm
It's pretty much back to normal out there now in terms of bodies/cars/noise. I even saw the return of the fuckwit wheelieing a mini-motorbike down the length of the road in the dark without lights or a crash helmet.
"An organ donor" as my brother in law calls them. And with the new opt-out policy...
By Boiler
Changing the subject: as part of Mental Health Week, the BBC has numerous offerings on iPlayer. ... ite]-[SL02]-[PS_IPLAYER~C~~P_BBCDocumentaries]
By The Red Arrow
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What ho, Boilsie! 'Morning my lovelies!

Feeling angry today, just so pissed off with this shithouse government. Have decided to calm myself with a long session of Radio 3 and kit building. See hobbies and interests thread for further details.

Stay sane, stay safe, groovers.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Morning 'Arrer, morning everybody.

Windy! What?

Yesterday was a good one - #1 son got to have contact with his daughters for the first time since lockdown*, and they seemed very happy. Then we had a chat and he took his bike out of my shed (about bloody time). Had a few glasses of pastis in the garden with Mrs A. Then my feet swelled up - no idea why, but they've gone down now.

*Ex wife is a director at one of the big London NHS trusts, and she now reckons that limited contact is safe. None/few new cases in London this week.

Trail cams spotted a few regulars and a newbie.
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They also picked up Mrs A and I going out at 12pm to investigate noises, turned out to be next door's dog hurling itself against the fence to try to get at a fox which was wailing a few gardens along. As the dog (Sukie, some sort of Great Dane) never barks it was all a bit weird, especially as the place she was hitting the fence - snd she must weigh 30 kilos - had a set of drain rods and other bric-a-brac leant up against it. Very weird, and the neighbours couldn't hear it, so didn't call her in.

That's it. A rather blank day in the diary today.

Stay safe nd well, comrades, avoid the jelly-based sweets.
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By Oblomov
Morning all,

Poor night's sleep due to being visited by various ghosts last night. And racked with worry about my old man insisting on going to the tip to dispose of the grass cuttings from the front garden (he's borrowing the car off my brother and I've messaged both a reminder to wipe down all the surfaces).

Catch up with manager this morning revealed that our office "reawakening" won't be properly underway until end of June at the earliest so I've got a bit more time to feel I've done something productive with all this working from home (though I'll continue to mostly do so for the foreseeable future).
By MisterMuncher
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Down to work to plan for a soft restart, probably weekend takeaways. The lads, much like myself, are all reaching the "crawling the walls" stage. Sad to say it out loud, but it'll almost be nice to be working a little bit again, might help me refocus the rest of my time, as I've got a bit lax and scattered this last while. Had a new niece born yesterday who I'll not get to see for a while, which is sightly saddening.

Managed to get the rectifier and power supply end of the amp all soldered up nicely, real tidy lead dressing that's neatly pressed up tight to the chassis, might even hot-glue it in spots for sanity's sake. Hope to get the input/output sockets wired tonight or early tomorrow, then the other five valves, then the pots. Could be slow going after that because I'm a few components short for the modifications I'm making, plus I need to figure out where/how to mount the additional controls that'll be safe, electrically quiet and reasonably accessible.

Hopefully, going back to work might mean I can afford some valves and speakers for the thing.
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By satnav
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We had an on-line staff meeting today so that the head to explain his plans for the school to get Year 10s back into school before the Summer holidays. He had come up with a very detailed plan but it all looks very strange. Pupils will be taught in groups of 10 and stay in the same room for all their lessons. One half of the year group will come in one week and the other half will come in on alternate weeks with all lessons being finished by lunch. He didn't mention what support staff will be doing so I assume we will be mostly babysitting all the other kids who are currently going into school so hopefully I will only have to go into school a couple more times before the Summer.
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By Cyclist
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It's a beautiful morning. I'm off for a ride, then back to read Monday's paper. (Monday July 4th 1938, that is)
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By Oblomov
Morning all,

Woke up to a message from my mother that my father has taken his reacquired car for shopping trip to Tesco Extra.

I am sad and angry and scared and I’m not sure what to say in a number of uncomfortable conversations I don’t want to have.

By davidjay
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A couple of weeks ago, herself mentioned in passing something that she'd thought of taking up during lockdown. She's not usually one for dropping hints so I thought about whether or not it might have been a whim, decided I may as well take the gamble and pressed 'purchase'. Yesterday she became the (thankfully delighted) new owner of a Fender acoustic.
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