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Too much hard work on Brexit caused me to be a vile creep but I keep my job anyway.
A senior Government lawyer caught ‘upskirting’ on the Tube while advising ministers on trade deals in the lead-up to Brexit has been allowed to keep his job.

Daren Timson-Hunt, 55, admitted using his mobile phone to secretly film the victim as she was making her way to a job interview on June 1 last year.

He became one of the first defendants in the country to be prosecuted for the new offence and was later handed a 24-month community order at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

The barrister described the family and work pressures affecting him at the time, telling the tribunal his wife was recovering from a serious illness.

Timson-Hunt was also caring for his young daughter while working 80 hours a week advising the government on trade deals leading up to Brexit. ... -13645164/
By youngian
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EU's Anything But Arms zero tariffs programme.

Which is a development policy for countries whose economic activity is marginal compared to the size of the EU’s economy. Africa is remaking itself in the EU’s image forming regional trade blocs and extending free movement.
Shouldn’t we be ‘looking after our own’ by applying tariffs to developing country imports?
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