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By Winegums
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Bill passed lords. Fucksocks. I felt a genuine lurch in my stomach, like when George W Bush got a second term. I can't see this going well at all.
By Winegums
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When the lib dems joined the tories, I thought it might've been a good thing - they could act as a dampening force to stop the tories' most batshit evil policies actually getting through. This last term has been my first real grown up exposure to politics, and has served to show me how utterly wrong my initial idea was. They're sat there as dumb free votes for conservative policies, whilst their party's name (and the country) gets fucked. I'd hoped that the lib dems would've broke rank and actually voted with their parties' philosophy in mind, rather than towing the tory line.
By Abernathy
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That the Lib Dems are a moderating influence on the Tory-led government is a sad, tired, discredited myth. What the Lib Dems actually are for the Tories is an enabling force for the Tories' worst excesses - as today shows. The likes of Clegg, Alexander and other orange book LDs are quite happy with right wing free Market policies that fuck ordinary people over - a strand of wool that the LDs managed successfully to pull over far too many people's eyes in the spring of 2010.

One hopes that the Lib Dems' claim to be a progressive political party is now lost forever.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote: any 'one-nation' Tories still extant.

I don't know any active one nation conservatives. Couple in the Lords, maybe?

They weren't in evidence in this health vote, if they are there.

These chaps for instance look like dangerous lefties now: ... raigmillar" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

They are also (very sadly) dead.
By Abernathy
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dailyheil wrote:since this bill has been passed now will it mean we'll end up with a US style health system with insurace?
Put crudely, yes, well, possibly at least - the Tory plans for the NHS represent a deeply worrying step towards a system of that character - which is of course very near the top of the Tory agenda, despite the fact that there is no electoral mandate for it whatsoever.
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By Winegums
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Suppose labour could try to undo it, but I get the feeling the Tories are going to make that as difficult as possible.

This is the sort of thing Ed Milliband should grow a pair over, really. If he stood up and said "this is bullshit, you guys suck, when we get in power at the next election, we're undoing all of this", he'd probably earn some respect from the voting populace.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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As I Tweeted, it took 40 years of campaigning and a World War to get us the NHS, and these unelected wankbags, many of them new peers made by Cameron and Clegg for the purpose, have thrown it away in two days, largely to save Clegg's vanity and pretence of being a serious politician.
If it goes we will never be able to get it back.

The LibDems will never, ever be able to claim to be a 'liberal' or progressive party again. I know Tories who are disgusted by their behaviour. They have sold the future for their illusion of present power. They are vain, egotistical fools.
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