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The Weeping Angel wrote:
Mon Sep 14, 2020 10:29 pm
Where does this the EU threatening to blockade the EU coming from?
I suspect it's plucked out of someone's arsehole. Fear works.
The Weeping Angel wrote:
Mon Sep 14, 2020 10:29 pm
Where does this the EU threatening to blockade the EU coming from?

Made up shit - see also straight bananas and BBC censoring our history.
Where did you find Dr Chris Newton, TWA?

He seems to fancy himself as an expert on class.

Probably best not to mention how people speak, but I don't hear Patel speak and think "working class accent, right there".

And isn't the rest of the tweet concerned with, well, her lack of talent?
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Tue Sep 15, 2020 7:41 pm
I hear her speak and ask if she is too stupid or too arrogant to adopt an appropriate register.

Which given Alister's k&u of English, I suspect he does too.
Here's Patel's CV.
After graduating, Patel became an intern at Conservative Central Office (now known as Conservative Campaign Headquarters), having been selected by Andrew Lansley (then Head of the Conservative Research Department).[15] From 1995 to 1997, Patel headed the press office of the Referendum Party, a single-issue Eurosceptic party.[14]

In 1997, Patel left to join the Conservative Party having been offered a post to work for the new leader William Hague in his press office, dealing with media relations in London and the South East of England.[16] In August 2003, the Financial Times published an article citing quotes from Patel and alleging that "racist attitudes" persisted in the Conservative Party, and that "there's a lot of bigotry around".[17] Patel wrote to the FT countering its article stating that her comments had been misinterpreted to imply that she had been blocked as a party candidate because of her ethnicity.[16]

In 2000, Patel left the employment of the Conservative Party to work for Weber Shandwick, a PR consulting firm.[18] According to an investigative article published by The Guardian in May 2015, Patel was one of seven Weber Shandwick employees who worked on British American Tobacco (BAT)—a major account. The team had been tasked with helping BAT manage the company's public image during the controversy around the Burma factory being used as source of funds by its military dictatorship and poor payment to factory workers. The crisis eventually ended with BAT pulling out of Burma in 2003. The article went on to quote BAT employees who felt that though a majority of Weber Shandwick employees were uncomfortable working with them, Patel's group was fairly relaxed. The article also quoted internal documents specifying that a part of Patel's job was also to lobby MEPs against EU tobacco regulations. She worked for Weber Shandwick for three years.[19]

Patel then moved to the British multinational alcoholic beverages company, Diageo, and worked in corporate relations between 2003 and 2007.[20] In 2007, she rejoined Weber Shandwick as Director of Corporate and Public Affairs practices. According to their press release, during her time at Diageo, Patel had "worked on international public policy issues related to the wider impact of alcohol in society."[21]
I'm not a Four Yorkshireman type, but that's not Ernie Bevin, is it? Maybe Dr Chris should run that CV past his new Red Wall mates.
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