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As this blog has previously averred, this particular politician is a political hobgoblin, adept at at identifying political gaps and then exploiting those gaps so as to inflict misfortune and spread discontent and gain political support.
Apropro of nothing but I imagine this scenario could well happen repeatedly when Brexshiteers finally attempt to reach their enclaves of gammon once more:

Sort of related to Brexit, on the future of Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port plant.
Under the terms of the Brexit trade deal, it is possible for batteries made in the European Union (EU) to be installed in UK-assembled vehicles for export back to the EU (where most are sold). But industry experts say the economics don't make sense as the batteries are heavy and hard to transport as they are not currently permitted through the Channel Tunnel for safety reasons.

Doubts about the long-term future of the factory intensified after recent comments from the chief executive of the parent company Stellantis - the new name for the merged PSA and Fiat Chrysler.
The Johnson government said the choice came down to being “Australia or Canada”, but in fact we will be more like Switzerland, which endures endless rounds of nitpicky negotiations with the EU, punctuated by fits of retribution from Brussels. To be sure, Britain will be a Greater Switzerland with rockets, but the dilemma is fundamentally the same.

Indeed and future offers from the EU will be offering solutions. Here the EU is putting out the feelers to solve a problem if the UK is prepared to pool its sovereignty in veterinary regulation. And the Tory civil war on Europe will lumber on for another decade.
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