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But they will.

They're the sort of person that are rescued from a blizzard on Snake Pass that then claim nobody told them it was going to snow despite it being all over the TV, press and Internet for says beforehand. They could have had Liam Dutton scream "It's going to fucking snow it's tits off!" repeatedly through their letterbox using a megaphone, and would still be running to the Mail having a pop at the Met Office.
As I have pointed out they will resort to psychological projection to not take responsibility. They will blame "remoaners" and say that immigrants are jumping the queue creating shortages.

Taking responsibility for your shit takes courage. Brexiters lack courage. They lack the intestinal fortitude to admit they could be wrong.

If shit turns bad I get the feeling EU immigrants to the UK may be glad they can leave.
Here is a VERY important article, the best and clearest I have yet read, which outlines the full, utterly shocking nature of the Brexit confidence trick and why it is, almost unseen, undermining the UK's constitution and democratic principles.

I strongly urge you to take some time to read and digest it. ... n-britain/
You think Britain would see the likes of Venezuela and see what bad governance brings to a country.

Socialism was never the problem (Aramco in Saudi is also nationalised) in Venezuela however shitty governance based on lies and the "will of the people" is.
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Here's What US Lobbyists Want Donald Trump To Get From A Post-Brexit Trade Deal

Big firms want Donald Trump to play hard ball over the NHS, food quality and consumer rights. ... mg00000008
I'm picturing brexiteers as Kevin Spacey towards the end of The Usual Suspects (before the big reveal), when the cops try to convince him that Gabriel Byrne was actually the baddie. "But he was my friieeeeend!".
Heathrow stockpiling rubber gloves from EU for post-Brexit searches

The London airport, through which about 200,000 passengers pass each day, said some materials for basic security, including gloves and explosive detector swabs, were not produced in the UK and had to be imported from the EU.

Heathrow is also putting aside supplies of spare parts for its hugely complex baggage systems, whose occasional failures have caused mayhem at the airport. ... t-searches
The Department for International Trade (DIT) told business leaders this week that time was running out for Britain to roll-over trade deals with about 60 countries the EU has free trade arrangements with, which the UK benefits from until it leaves the bloc. Barring a handful of small and medium-sized countries, including Chile and the Faroe Islands, the majority of deals are expected to miss the deadline.
Running out of time? Why assume they can just be rolled over when we will be in an unbelievably weak position. "When you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow."
“There is no due diligence we have done that indicates there is anything wrong with these people,” Mr Grayling said to howls of derision from Labour. ... 18121.html
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