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PL HU: let us off the naughty step or we'll side with the maniacs.
EU: just you try it. FR, DE, NL and DK will fry you alive.

Result: Mexican standoff and your guess is as good as mine, but good luck trying to negotiate a future relationship after causing a fissure of unprecedented proportions.
As a long time Manchester City fan (since the 60s) and watching today's shambles I realise that I was a little hard on the late Peter Swales.
I have a nasty feeling that Theresa May will get her vote through eventually. The hardcore Brexiteers in the ERG will start to fear losing Brexit and so ultimately vote in favour of her deal.

Quite how the members of the cabinet can square bringing the same deal back whilst denying the people a say I will never know.

With the leader of the opposition doing his best to impersonate a chocolate teapot I really do despair.
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