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Sounds highly plausible. A great move by the 27 if they can pull it off. I think your friend is right, that it really would rip the mask off Johnson's "come what may" Brexit plan.

Only downside? It invites the allegation, which WILL definitely come, that the EU wants to keep the UK in tb EU "against the will of the people". It's well past time that that bollocks about an advisory vote on a gerrymandered franchise based on a corrupt campaign held more than three years ago was definitively put to bed , though, and if it happens it can only be good for the campaign to stop Brexit.
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I hope so. Fervently.

My Tory cousin has asled me why my opinion on Brexit is better than his. I answered laconically. 'Intelligence'. Mrs A thought I was harsh. What does the team think?
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"Because you are the type of useless cunt that eats off square plates", might be over-egging it so I reckon you're about right.
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My sister messaged me last night to ask me if it was possible to get a cancer drug without a prescription in the US. Sadly I told her it is nigh on impossible.

She had cancer recently but everything went well and she needs that drug to keep cancer at bay.

Oh she is not only my sister but she is an NHS nursing "Sister" too. If she is worried....
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:05 pm
My Tory cousin has asled me why my opinion on Brexit is better than his. I answered laconically. 'Intelligence'. Mrs A thought I was harsh. What does the team think?
In my family it'd cause World War Fucking Three.

And the same with some of my colleagues.

Life is sometimes much more peaceful if you keep your trap shut and/or keep your fingers away from a keyboard. This I have learned from bitter experience.
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I for one didn't think we'd leave the Single Market, so I can't be too harsh on people who campaigned for EFTA Brexit. But equally, their contribution to our predicament does make me feel a bit like Beattie does about them. They got the Kipper Brexiters over the line. And just on "issues", not politics beyond their control, was it worth it anyway?
Boiler wrote:
Fri Aug 30, 2019 11:19 pm
In my family it'd cause World War Fucking Three.

And the same with some of my colleagues.

Life is sometimes much more peaceful if you keep your trap shut and/or keep your fingers away from a keyboard. This I have learned from bitter experience.
I'm in a very similar position. Virtually every single member of my extended family is a Leaver, including several Labour Leavers over in the East Midlands. I've pretty much given up using Facebook nowadays simply because I can no longer stomach the levels of ignorance and stupidity on display from them. I know that's not a nice thing to say about my own family, but I've come so close to completely losing my cool on occasions that I've concluded it's best just to fade into the background instead.

We recently had a long-time friend of my late father come to stay with us, a self-described "no nonsense Yorkshireman" and lifelong Labour voter and Brexit supporter. He now constantly parrots the "No Deal is better than a bad deal" line, and can't understand why we can't just "get on with it". During an evening meal my mother saw that I was about to blow my lid and, very wisely, whispered to our guest "It's probably best you don't mention the B word anymore. Martin voted Remain and hasn't taken it very well". I'm pretty sure he'll be voting Tory/BXP at the next election, even though he still absolutely despises Thatcher to this day.
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One side of my new in-laws springs from a mother who came over from Mauritius in the '40s.

One of her four children (my father-in-law) freely admits that he only voted leave because of immigration, and especially because of all the Poles (and this is a chap who works for the NHS, so good luck with that). He reckons that Enoch Powell had a point.

The other three're openly Kippers, including one who's been an activist since they were founded. One of them reckons that Tommy Robinson has a point, and has a Chinese daughter-in-law.

Family dinners are all kinds of fun.

A classic case of either they wouldn't let their own mother in, or else she'd be okay - they were just talking about all of those other immigrants, over there.

On the other side, you have my mother-in-law (racist, but don't you dare call her that), and my stepfather-in-law, a devout S*n reader who firmly worships at the altar of Boris the Ledge.

My chap blocked him on FB yesterday, after he responded to one of my posts about Boris' lies with:
Good old boris he is like marmite
When called out on the difference between Marmite and lying through his teeth, replied:
all politicians lie
At which point my chap, who's active locally, pointed out that we personally knew honest politicians who worked bloody hard for people, and invited him to take that back or just come out with it and call him a liar.

I ducked in quickly, vouched for the mutual acquaintances, and pointed out that as someone who'd stood in local elections myself and not lied to the voters, he'd just included me in that.

The response was somewhat passive-aggressive and juvenile, which is par for the course.

My chap has now blocked him. I have him on mute, whilst I try to figure out how to deal with M-i-L ringing up and throwing a tantrum down the 'phone. Which is probably going to happen sooner rather than later, when she finds out that either or both of us've had enough.

As you can probably guess, this is merely the straw that broke the camel's back.

Not looking forward to October.
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The more I look at this whole shitstorm developing, the more I see the bitterness and divisions of the 1984 Miners Strike repeated, but this time spread across a whole country.

And some people (read: cocksockets) think Tories are grown-ups compared to Labour. How could, according to the fat philandering fuck in Downing Street, there be chaos worse than this even under Corbyn?
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They've been laughably parroting chaos about Miliband and Corbyn for the last ten years. Whatever their personal flaws, I don't think they could create anything more chaotic if they tried.

My mum is a hardcore, No Deal Brexiter who loves Nigel Farage bordering on religious fervour, holds unrestrained rage at "traitor" politicians who do not completely buy into the No Deal mantra and considers the EU to be not just incompetent or hectoring but the complete embodiment of pure evil on the planet who are embroiled in a conspiracy to destroy Europe - the book that ex EU economist wrote is like a bible. We do not discuss politics as she cannot, by her own admission, stay calm in any kind of political discussion. She is an intelligent, educated woman too so cannot simply be dismissed as thick.

That's how it works though, I guess. The drip-drip over the years, the misinformation, the hysteria and the scaremongering has dragged a sizable minority of the population into this state.

Even if we somehow ending up averting this, the hatred and the venom is nowhere close to over.

I cannot believe a referendum was called and the public trusted with this when many are not even aware of the type of democracy they live in. They have no understanding of the difference between parliamentary and direct democracy nor the understanding of the difference between MP's as representatives or delegates. They actually believe that they tell their MP what to do and their MP unthinkingly goes and does it.

How can we debate democracy within the EU when we cannot understand our own?
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Do the UK's voters support a no-deal Brexit?

38% do according to this 4 poll average. 21% on the fence. Even after everything. It's a pity we can't be given a trial of what life would be like in post no deal Brexit UK, similar to the way doll babies are given to teenagers to get an idea of what life caring for a baby is like. The 38% would drop fast.

Greedy men playing on the prejudices of the weak-minded have got us to where we are.
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