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I think we've had this before. Special free trade status for Grimsby. The buffoon MP for Cleethorpes liked the sound of it. ... ood-736984
Mr Vickers said the possibility of free trade status for northern Lincolnshire’s ports was a sign of post-Brexit optimism.

“We couldn’t do that if we wanted to at the moment,” said the Eurosceptic Tory.

“But once we get control of our own economy again, that is one of the things that could be looked at and which could be very beneficial.

“That emphasises the freedoms and opportunities that could be opening up after Brexit.”
Funnily enough, "Grimsby" didn't make it into the WA.
Well, that was a pleasant sroll in the sunshine (until it started to rain, and we were by one of my favourite pubs, and, er...). We met some truly remarkable people, and it struck me how few twenty/thirtysomethings there were. It seems as though protest has skipped a generation.
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Its being reported that Johnson has sent the extension request letter, but - tee hee, get this, chaps - hasn't signed it!

And he's also sent another letter saying that he thinks the first should be ignored.

I've spoken before about politicians treating the country and their jobs as an extension of their time running student societies. But this is fucking infant school.
Kreuzberger wrote:
Sat Oct 19, 2019 6:32 pm
There is no doubt in my mind that JRM knew exactly what he was doing; feeding headlines to tomorrow's rags with no real regard for Sprog-Mogg's safety. The man has newsprint in his genes.

The fools who took the bait are just that. Better to have fallen silent, turned their backs and formed a guard of dishonour.

Question to all on here: would the scenario covered below be an acceptable outcome to you? SNP and LD abstentions scuppered the associated indicative vote back in April, but I doubt they would do so again.

Upon reflection, I think I could just about support it, although I'd still like to see a flat-out attempt at securing a Confirmatory Referendum on ANY deal as the absolute first priority.

Assorted Leave types (including a certain M Fabricant MP) are kicking off in the comments, which is usually quite a reassuring sign that whatever is being discussed represents a sensible, mature proposal.

Is Gloria voting against the unamended bill though? That'll be the test, not whether she votes for amendments.

She's much better than the hardcore who voted against Letwin. I hope she comes through for Labour. Did she listen to Philip Hammond yesterday? I don't expect him to follow through, but he made the good point that the Tories were elected on an orderly exit. Tory MPs don't care about that.
Good Lord. Melanie Onn is almost as bad as Flint.

That's pure Lexit bollocks talking point in answer to Russell-Moyle making a precise point. We aren't in the Euro. And anyway, is that true about forcing privatization? Isn't it more that countries offer that up because it saves them putting taxes up more? I'm sure the bailout could have been more generous, but when nobody else will lend you money when they think you've spent too much and not collected enough tax, you don't tend to get "here you go, have a Keynsian stimulus".
Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Sun Oct 20, 2019 3:18 pm
In answer to your question, I don't know if a customs union with a say (assume that's the policy, customs union with no say won't pass), is on offer, is it? The EU aren't going to do more negotiations.

I'd accept it if it was on.
I suppose the assumption is that if Parliament has indicated support, via a Commons majority, for a deal incorporating a CU then the E.U. would come back to the table. The problem, of course, is that Johnson would refuse to negotiate such a deal - in which case we are back to GNU territory.
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Arrowhead wrote:
Sun Oct 20, 2019 4:00 pm
The problem, of course, is that Johnson would refuse to negotiate such a deal - in which case we are back to GNU territory.
Yes, that is moose likely...
Sounds like a longshot, sadly. Might not be a bad slow burner, when the transition comes up with No Deal as the default. Talking of which, what do Onn and co think's going to happen? It'll be a shit deal for their constituents or No Deal, without sufficient Tory anti-No Dealers. Can't see Grimsby and Don Valley being a priority in those negotiations.
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