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Boiler wrote:A peerage - for what, precisely?
Coming to an arrangement with Johnson. Which may, or may not have been brokered by Bannon.



Rumours also rife that certain members of the ERG are lined up for gongs and knighthoods for services to sychophancy.
Talking of pricks...

How did the ERG go from hating any Brexit deal to loving Boris Johnson’s?

Phil Burton-Cartledge

The Spartans’ intransigence was legendary. But they are perfectly happy with the idea of a deregulated economy
A deskilled, low-wage workforce with few rights, and the UK a playground for footloose corporations to shake their tail at the EU’s regulatory regime from 21 miles across the Channel, would suit them perfectly. Therefore when you look at the kind of businesses associated with or owned by ERG notables, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg’s emerging markets fund or Steve Baker’s financial services holdings, it suggests their penchant for transforming the country into a no-regulation tax haven may align with their interests. Ideology and principles come second.. ... -interests
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Thu Oct 24, 2019 2:42 pm
Can't do links. But per Alberto Nardelli, Johnson agreed the deal without understanding the NI Customs issue. He then realised, phoned back to query, and 90 minutes later phoned back to agree to the deal anyway.
Totally aside, Tubs but... why can't you do links?
Well, I certainly can: I'm a Droid user using Opera - if I tap the link in the address bar it highlights and the words "copy link" appear. Tap that, it goes on the clipboard. Then a long press in the message composition window brings up a "paste" option. Tap that, and Robert is your father's brother :)
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