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Jesus what has this country come to. ... for-brexit
A majority of voters in England, Wales and Scotland believe that the possibility of some level of violence against MPs is a “price worth paying” in order to get their way on Brexit, an academic survey has found.

The poll from Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh asked respondents what they would be prepared to see happen in order to leave or remain within the European Union.

Most leave voters who took part in the Future of England study thought violence towards MPs was a “price worth paying” for Brexit to be delivered – 71% in England, 60% in Scotland and 70% in Wales.

The majority of remain voters felt that potential violence was worth it if it meant we would stay in the EU – 58% in England, 53% in Scotland and 56% in Wales.
I'll admit that over the last few months I have had violent thoughts towards Brexit supporters I'm not proud of it but it's true.
Could have spent it on the NHS...

I saw that several times on the M20/M23 yesterday. No information on what it means.

Along with huge lorry parks being created from the third lane in both Kent and the Pas de Calais. The M20 will be closed thisgmh

45 minute wait to get through UK Passport control. Because the officers were having a little time-wasting chat with every driver. I can only assume they were deliberately increasing the size of the queues, for a reason I don't know. But I'm sure that he really wasn't interested in having a chat with us. And not all the checkpoints were open, of course.

I'm really looking forward to rejoining and having to accept Schengen. And the Euro.
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And driving on the right.
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Barnier reckons he might be arsed to let Johnson know by monday or tuesday. Tusk reckons it's not worth a member's summit.

You don't hear much about that 'Festival of Brexit' anymore, do you?

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France 'joins PM's battle to get Brexit done': Boris Johnson is 'working with Emmanuel Macron' to turn the screw on dithering Jeremy Corbyn - as Labour leader STILL refuses to say if he will back election ... -made.html

So after 3 years they think they may have finally found the hint of a split in EU27 solidarity to try and exploit. No more disparaging Macron articles for time being.
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