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Kreuzberger wrote:
Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:55 pm
[...] I see no alternative outcome. An extreme and ultimate Brexit beckons, along with everything that that entails.
Johnson's backers now want payback and I suspect this was the game plan all along. Remember - party always comes before country, and this is the only way a schism can be prevented.
youngian wrote:
Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:36 pm
Even the IoD think Johnson’s talking bollocks
The prime minister blackballed business groups from his keynote speech on the future of EU trade talks yesterday, accusing them of failing to prepare their members for the “reality” of post-Brexit Britain.

The CBI, the British Chambers of Commerce and the Institute for Directors were excluded from Boris Johnson’s speech to business leaders in Greenwich. His aides later accused the groups of “neglecting their duty to prepare their members” for the “realities” of a Canada-style free trade deal. They had been “wasting their time lobbying government to abandon the promises made to the British people”. ... -xxf5cpmhb
That really is "Fuck business"
The Red Arrow wrote:
Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:05 pm
If we have a situation where we can choose EU citizens ID to retire in Spain or France, Leave voters will of course put their money where their mouth is by obtaining a British blue passport instead.
...and working hard towards their pensions in the seasonal vegetable picking industry once the eastern Europeans have buggered off.

Phew! For a moment there, I thought we were screwed.

(via James O'Brien)

Without any explanation of the practicalities, the technical requirements, the manpower, or the sheer logistics, a full and harsh regime of border checks has been announced for 01/01/2021 by Gove.

Anybody with an ounce of pragmatism in their DNA would be asking for his dealer's number and an into on WhatsApp.
We've had this sort of thing before, so I'm not sure. Does anybody much care if they extend the transition? Labour wouldn't really be able to vote it down, so the government wouldn't be under any pressure.

At least I hope it's an elaborate bluff.

Markets? What do you think?
So, that quick & easy trade deal that could be done with Drump's AmeriKKKa...
After months of promises that the U.K. would be next in line for trade negotiations with the Trump administration, U.S. officials are signaling the European Union might still be the easier target for a quick outcome aimed at avoiding a transatlantic tariff battle.

Trade talks with the EU and U.K. are on separate tracks but because of “some structure” on the EU side, “reigniting that will be easier” than starting from scratch with the U.K., White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said in an interview.

Since a new European Commission took office late last year, officials on both sides have pointed to a reset in the U.S.-EU relationship and agree there’s a sense of urgency for a truce.

“No one around here is salivating for a trade war,” Kudlow said Feb. 6. “Believe me, no one.” ... priorities
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