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That or the voters won't care if they're being lied to, which I think is the bigger problem at the moment.

Did anyone else see those vox pops with people who think that Johnson lying "proves he's human"?
Samanfur wrote:
Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:12 pm
Did anyone else see those vox pops with people who think that Johnson lying "proves he's human"?
Regrettably, that no longer surprises me. Forty years ago an individual with his character failings wouldn't even have been considered as an MP - now he holds the highest office in the land (after Cummings). It is just so depressing. :(
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Mr McKenna' secret to happiness appears to be; don't get hitched until you're in your 50s. Especially with the opportunities open to a touring celebrity with a gift of the gab.
Paul McKenna is married to his former PA of 15 years Katherine Jane Davey. They married in 2016. They live in London.
The Red Arrow wrote:
Sat Feb 15, 2020 5:35 am
Dead tree. Spotted on way to work. How I never took my lighter to it remains a mystery.

Iron Man, my arse.
The emperor is (Tony) Stark naked.
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Poor Javid has now blown his chance of basking in the glorious success of Brexit. I doubt too much pressure was needed for Javid to reach for the fire exit. He's making friends elsewhere though. What's the odds of the Tories will be back in civil war by 2022?
Bloody forrin' artifacts...send 'em home! :lol:

"Elgin Marbles" hash thingy

Edit: And they're off! It's Gammon Spittle first out of the gates,closely followed by Colonial Attitude with Fuckwit Froth hemmed in on the rails by the chasing pack...:lol: :lol: :lol:

Brexit FURY!!!!! ... est-update
Any journo who tags '-gate' onto the end of anything these days should be tied to the front of a railway locomotive and be forced to re-enact Operation Smash Hit.
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