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youngian wrote:
Sun Feb 23, 2020 10:07 am
Swellin Braverman has been charged with coming up with a cunning plan to renege on the WA. Is it possible Johnson is a Remainer King Canute teaching a country thats thinks it can control tides a lesson it’ll never forget? That would at least make sense.
I wonder if they they think the EU's going to collapse, right now, man. A few of their ilk are getting very excited about the budget row.
It's not just chlorinated chicken: five foods a US trade deal could bring to the UK
Nick Dearden

In place of stringent EU food regulations, the US is demanding a ‘science-based’ approach with disturbing consequences
All-American Stilton cheese and Cornish pasties ... deal-uk-eu
If I understand this story correctly the government's response to decimating the fishing industry's export markets is to catch more cod to lower the price of fish and chips and perhaps people will buy more instead of kebabs. The conservation man suggests supermarkets do more to sell funny fish that foreigners eat. Good luck with that one.
Cod, eels and sea bass are at risk of dying out under government plans to relax fishing quotas, the Marine Conservation Society has warned.

Urgent measures are being put in place to help the fishing industry, which is facing trouble due to restaurants, hotels and pubs closing and the export market disappearing.

The government has already announced £10 million in funding to keep businesses afloat, and is in talks with fisheries and conservationists about how to relax regulations.

The Telegraph understands that measures being discussed include letting fishing businesses catch extra next year to make up for a shortfall in 2020.

These measures may put struggling stocks at risk, the Marine Conservation Society has warned.

Their head of fisheries, Sam Stone, said: "At this stage we don't know which measures will be taken forward but some which have been suggested would make us worried about the risk to sustainability of stocks.

A Defra spokesperson said: "The government has been working closely with the fishing industry to support the industry through this challenging period. Together with national fisheries authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the Government is also exploring methods to reduce the regulatory burden on the fishing fleet. These measures will be agreed jointly by the fisheries administrations and announced in due course. "

Mr Stone said: "We would encourage supermarkets to stock a wider range especially now it's available and for consumers to consider buying something they don't normally buy. We only regularly eat five species and there is a lot around at the moment." ... ationists/
Okay, who didn't see this coming?
The government has privately conceded there will be post-Brexit checks on goods crossing the Irish Sea, months after Boris Johnson insisted there would be no such trade barriers.

In a letter to the executive office in Stormont the government confirmed there would be border control posts in three ports, Belfast, Warrenpoint and Larne. ... ent-admits
Anyone remember "In the light of the events of 9/11..." being used to justify anything?

Yeah, "In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak..." will be used to excuse/justify a lot of shit, backpedalling, and cuntery.
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Since Britain voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, 31,600 Britons have acquired German citizenship. Most of them, the country’s office for statistics said, had chosen to keep their British passport, as remains possible during the transition period ending on 31 December 2020.

“Of those Brits that have managed to get a German passport, all of them reported Brexit as a key motivation,” said Daniel Tetlow, co-founder of the British in Germany association and co-author of a study by Oxford in Berlin and the Berlin Social Science Centre on the reasons behind British ex-pats choosing to become citizens of another country.
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