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The Red Arrow wrote:
Fri Jul 03, 2020 4:13 pm
Friday, 3 July 2020
Brexit Talks - Bozo Team Sent Home Early ... early.html
For Brexiters compromise is a sign of weakness before blubbing because they burned their fingers
“Before this week’s talks began, the EU told Britain it was ready to compromise in order to accommodate the red lines Boris Johnson identified … The Europeans hoped that Britain would respond with a step towards compromise of its own but by the time the talks ended on Thursday, Frost had produced no such offer. During the course of the week, it became clear that unless Britain makes a substantial move within days, there will be no significant progress this month”. We wanted compromise. It was offered. We failed to reciprocate.
The Red Arrow wrote:
Sat Jul 04, 2020 4:04 pm
Gosh! It would appear that Her Majesty's Government isn't held in high regard by the Australians. The preceding sentence might be useful if you're trying to explain 'British understatement' to an American.

The Digeridoo manufacturers will be along soon and tell them to give is a great deal.
Cummings. Swap out the death of pensioners for a few bog-trotters and the parallels fall queasily in to place. I hope I am over simplifying this.
"There will always, sadly, be casualties on the road to progress..."

Though to be fair in 1845 the government was in the hands of landed aristocrats who were a different species from the poor. Nowadays the worst offenders are the jumped up middle classes.
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