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By davidjay
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The Red Arrow wrote:I had one come round to read my meter. I took 'frosty reception' to new levels. Keep meaning to phone my supplier and inform them I'm changing if they employ G4S, for all the good it will do.
If we all did it they'd have to take note.
By new puritan
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Another G4S/Serco/Chris Grayling triumph.
Two privately run prisons, the G4S-managed Oakwood and Serco-run Thameside, are among the three worst-performing jails in England and Wales, according to newly published Ministry of Justice ratings.

Both HMP Oakwood, which is a super-sized jail holding up to 1,600 inmates near Wolverhampton, and HMP Thameside in London, are rated in the bottom category jails whose overall performance is of serious concern.

The third prison in this category is the state-run Winchester prison, which was criticised earlier this year for overcrowding and violence and where 10% of prisoners develop a drug problem.

The G4S-run HMP Oakwood was praised last year by the justice secretary, Chris Grayling, as a model for future prison development for its cost-per-prison place of £13,200, less than half the national average. ... -g4s-serco" onclick=";return false;

Who better to put in charge of children's homes? ... plications" onclick=";return false;
By new puritan
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More on Jimmy Mubenga's death at the hands of G4S scum.
A coroner who oversaw the inquest into the death of the Angolan deportee Jimmy Mubenga has issued a highly critical report that raises a series of concerns about the way the government and private contractors deport people from the UK.

Mubenga, 46, died after being restrained by three G4S guards on board a plane at Heathrow airport that was bound for Angola in October 2010.

Last month, at the end of an eight-week inquest, a jury of seven men and three women recorded a majority verdict of nine to one of unlawful killing after four days of deliberations.

The coroner, Karon Monaghan, has now written a 30-page "rule 43 report" setting out recommendations to avoid future deaths in which she raises concerns about:

• A system of payment that rewards guards if they can keep a detainee quiet until the aircraft takes off;

• Evidence of "pervasive racism" among G4S detention custody officers who were tasked with removing detainees;

• Fears that these racist attitudes – and "loutish, laddish behaviour … Inappropriate language, and peer pressure" – are still common among escort guards today;

• Lack of "scenario specific" training for those tasked with trying to restrain people on aircrafts;

• Evidence of the use of dangerous restraint techniques such as "carpet karaoke" where detainees' heads are forced downwards to prevent them upsetting the passengers or causing the captain to abort the removal;

• and concern that many guards were not officially accredited to carry out removals – meaning they would have been acting illegally. ... portations" onclick=";return false;
By The Red Arrow
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G4S abandons electronic tagging contracts bid
G4S has pulled out of bidding for new contracts for tagging criminals in England and Wales following claims it had been overcharging for the service.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling told MPs last month that overcharging by private security firms G4S and Serco had cost tens of millions of pounds.

G4S refused to withdraw from the bids then, he said, but had now done so.

G4S confirmed it was pulling out, and said it would still co-operate with a review of all its government contracts.

And it said it was "committed to resolving the contractual issues raised by the MoJ in connection with historical billing on the EM [electronic monitoring] contracts".
G4S in 2012

£7.3bn turnover
Pre-tax profit: £516m
Quarter of turnover relates to government contracts
Half of business in Europe
Value of government contracts: £394m" onclick=";return false;
By Winegums
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Of course, they won't stop going for new contracts and the government won't stop them from doing it either. They'll back off any contract that attracts too much heat, but the system of outsourced government will continue unabated.

I really truly madly deeply hope Labour are different. Ed Milliband (I think) mentioned something about making private companies in government contracts susceptible to FOI requests, which is a step; however this government has shown that FOIs can be ignored/left for months/challenged endlessly. They need toughened up if they're going to be a threat to these companies.
By new puritan
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That's the thing - it's the same cartel that keeps hoovering up all the big public contracts put out to tender because they're the only companies large enough to take them on, so there's little in the way of competition in any event. And even when these firms take these contracts on, they frequently do it really fucking badly and the civil service lacks the resources to monitor them effectively (which suits both the contractors and the politicians ultimately responsible for recruiting them).
By cycloon
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Why doesn't this make the country boil with rage like it does me?

'Hi, I'm Dave. Nice to meet you - lovely hat. Do you mind if we sell off the services the government provides for no reason other than to make us a shit load of cash later in life? You don't mind PFI, do you? (yes, Labour guilty there too) Or companies running services with less overshight than public bodies? Or the same companies getting contracts, failing, and never being punished? What's that? The justice system is too lenient? I think I agree with you, but I'm not sure... wait... someone's whispering words to me... oh yes, we are working on the justice system. CHURCHILL BRITAIN RHUBARB'
By Winegums
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I think you'll find this is the G4S thread. Serco are a totally different incompetent, greedy organisation being subcontracted to leech money and provide a poor service...
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