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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Perhaps not whitewashed, more glossed over, forgiven and allowed to continue after mumbling 's'rry'.

Like Laws?
By Tubby Isaacs
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But that would be hard if the SFO are on it. They really need results.

I was thinking of Laws today when I heard about MacShane. He was one of my less favourite politicians but I can't see how his fraud is as bad as Laws'. MacShane had done lots of unpaid work as Blair's envoy and, according to Private Eye, unavoidably run up more expenses than he could claim back.

Blair seems to have done sod all to help him. Compare that with how he showed his support for Murdoch. What an arsehole.

As I always say, someone needs to do a citizen's arrest on Laws.
By Kreuzberger
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:Well, what a devastating piece by Allegra then.

The government needs to get to the bottom of this because it saves money. And to save "the whole idea".

The what? The idea of outsourcing's going to go away, is it?
Suffering this Newshite with you. Only a matter of time before these avowed Maxists let the mask slip.
By Big Arnold
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Not G4S but another example of privatising law and order.
Fiasco as £2m fraud hotline loses 2,500 cases in just eight months... and blames error on computer fault
New hotline Action Fraud has lost nearly 2,500 crime reports
Budget is £5 m a year, much of which paid to firm BSS to run a call centre
Fraud victims complain call centre staff are 'really rude' and unhelpful
She said: ‘I feel police action is vital or the criminals will come to understand that Action Fraud is toothless and they can continue to rob at will.’
Scammers already know that. Anonymous scammers in West Africa are effectively beyond the reach of UK police. ... z2ZgRDS5pH" onclick=";return false;
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