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By Andy McDandy
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One of the reasons why I prefer Anonymous.

He's a bit like Michael Moore. Any time someone becomes "the face of..." whatever, you can be assured that they'll quickly come to favour the sound of their own voice and the public promotion of themselves over whatever cause, however worthy, they were originally about. A little twist on the iron law of institutions.
By youngian
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Michael Moore warned of Trump's rise and that Hilary Clinton wasn't cutting it to challenge it. Assange is paid up member of the 'drain the swamp' alt-right populists. He's yet another example of how a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and a twisted narcissist crackpot just like Trump.
By Andy McDandy
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I should clarify, what I meant was that Assange, whatever originally motivated him, is now only really interested in self-publicity.

As for the comparison with Moore, what I meant was that Moore went from a left wing documentary maker and investigative journalist to Michael Moore the brand. Both hit a point where it became all about them.
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By Boiler
Ecuador has cut Julian Assange's internet connection at its embassy in London, preventing him from communicating with the outside world.

The move is to prevent the WikiLeaks founder from interfering in other countries' affairs, Ecuador said.
By Big Arnold
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Julian Assange: Wikileaks co-founder takes legal action against Ecuador

Julian Assange is to launch legal action against the government of Ecuador, accusing it of violating his "fundamental rights and freedoms".

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By Abernathy
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Remarkable. As another friend of mine put it, if someone accused me of violating his human rights while he was a guest in my house, he'd be getting marched through the door pronto, possibly with his hands tied behind his back.
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