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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I don't get why people are referring to him as a whistleblower. He blew the whistle on nothing. His party trick was accessing confidential documents and publishing them. As any fule kno that is going to get you into trouble, and there would have to be one helluva public interest defence (and given that Wikileaks admitted that they hadn't read or redacted any of the material they handed over to the Guardian that might be tricky), so you should be prepared for the possible consequences of your actions.
By smod
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Moot point - but it was The Guardian and David Leigh's fault the Cablegate documents were released unredacted. ... gate.shtml" onclick=";return false;
On a basic security level, revealing any information about how Julian Assange formulates his passwords could have implications in any of the other myriad of sensitive areas Wikileaks deals with. Any files encrypted by Assange at the same time—or before—the cables, and in the possession of any entity hostile to Wikileaks, are now more vulnerable since Leigh's book gave up its clue about how Assange formulates passwords.
By Big Arnold
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Last week Assange attempted to sneak out of the embassy in a very big laundry basket but his plans were ruined when he published them on the Wikileaks website.
By Bones McCoy
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Abernathy wrote:Indeed - someone else observed that it must have been difficult to restrain oneself from declaiming "He is not the Messiah - he's a very naughty boy!"
My favourite line is the one from rehearsal before the carmeras were rolling.

Man in crowd: We can see you're not jewish!
Brian: Props!!
By Abernathy
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daveinbrum wrote:Apologies if this is a stupid question (I just got inexplicably abused for asking it on the Guardian's website) but given our 'special relationship' with the USA and Sweden's general neutrality, why does anyone think he'd be more likely to be extradited from there than here?
Two: “Assange is more likely to be extradited to USA from Sweden than the United Kingdom”
This is similarly untrue. Any extradition from Sweden to the United States would actually be more difficult. This is because it would require the consent of both Sweden and the United Kingdom.

(See Francis FitzGibbon QC’s Nothing Like the Sun for further detail on this.)

One can add that there is no evidence whatsoever that the United Kingdom would not swiftly comply with any extradition request from the United States; quite the reverse.  Ask Gary
McKinnon, or Richard O'Dwyer, or the NatWest Three.

In reality, the best opportunity for the United States to extradite Assange is whilst he is in the United Kingdom. ... xtradition
By Abernathy
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It's the conspiracy mongers, I'm afraid. The only logical thing for Assange to do now is to go to Sweden and deal with the allegations against him, but the conspiracy mongers won't acknowledge that.
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