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By shyamz
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Like someone on the Independent website said - next we'll be hearing the police pissed on the dead like they accused the fans of doing.

Ten years ago that would have sounded like the final line they wouldn't cross, today you can easily believe anything.
By Esqui
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Interesting bit of digging I have done with the IP address listed on the BBC's screenshot of Wikipedia. These are all facts, not accusations, I'm not going to speculate.

The IP address listed as changing the page to say "Blame Liverpool fans" in April 2009 was

Searching for that IP address leads me to this: ... icle=22176" onclick=";return false;
a question posed on a personal historical website in December 2009, from one Adrian Cork.

A further search for the name gives me this:" onclick=";return false;
A manager at the UK Border Agency, who is from Liverpool.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Adrian Cork is a Formby FC supporter. The emblem of which is - a squirrel..." onclick=";return false;
By mattomac
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#511911 ... e-40419819" onclick=";return false;

6 to face charges with Duckenfield to face Manslaughter charges.

Seems to be further possible charges as well, sadly the 96th death will not be included mind.

Criminal proceedings now live – please avoid reporting, commentary or sharing of
information that may be prejudicial #Hillsborough
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