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By Kreuzberger
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AOB wrote:Ah I see. He's the real victim here. Hillsborough is Kelvin's tragedy and has been all long. Thanks for explaining this to us all Kelvin and clarifying the situation. 96 people and numerous family and friends weren't really the ones who suffered over the years. It was Kelvin.
You're catching on. (c.f. anti-white racism, christianophobia ad nauseam)
By The Red Arrow
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Kelvin MacKenzie, this is why the Sun is "picked out" over Hillsborough
Comparing the tabloid's front page with the other papers that day.
See if you can spot the difference between the Sun's front page on 19 April 1989, and those of other newspapers. The only one which comes close to repeating the allegations of the police was the Daily Express, which accurately reports them as just that - allegations. The Sun makes no such hedge: ... llsborough" onclick=";return false;
By The Red Arrow
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No Hillsborough apology to Kelvin MacKenzie from police

South Yorkshire's chief constable says his force will not apologise to former Sun editor
Kelvin MacKenzie over fallout from the Hillsborough disaster.

In a statement David Crompton said: "SYP have received a letter from Kelvin MacKenzie's lawyers, which demands the force makes an apology to him.

"We have publicly apologised to the Hillsborough families and the Liverpool fans but we will not apologise to Mr MacKenzie.

"He chose to write his own headline and he should accept responsibility for it." ... e-19753436" onclick=";return false;
By The Red Arrow
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And here's another of McKuntzie's ex-colleagues with a reminder of another hit from the scumbag's back catalogue...

Kelvin, this is the real reason for the Hillsborough boycott of your Sun ... h-disaster" onclick=";return false;
But did he learn from the episode? I don't think so because, some six months later, he ran a headline that said: "Straight sex cannot give you Aids – official". Another "truth" that was anything but.
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