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By Silkyman
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bluebellnutter wrote:Is there a way this gets sorted out easily which doesn't just end up reigniting some of the Troubles? Aside from the country emptying, obviously
I was thinking about this earlier. I wonder what a rough estimate would be for how much of that much vaunted and mystical £350m a month would be eaten up by the creation and policing of what would presumably be a rather difficult land border with the EU? And that's just that small piece. What if we need one for Scotland, too? And the France border moving back across the channel.
By spoonman
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Sammy Wilson being a twat again...
Sammy Wilson says breastfeeding Commons MPs 'voyeuristic' and not motivated by need to feed baby
'First of all the woman has to expose her breasts'

DUP MP Sammy Wilson has described women who want to breastfeed in the House of Commons as "exhibitionists" saying the practice should be done in private as it would attract voyeurs.

The comments were made on the BBC Stephen Nolan radio show during a discussion about an independent review that said MPs should be allowed to breastfeed in the parliamentary chamber.

The East Antrim MP questioned women's "motives" for wanting to breastfeed in the chamber. He initially described it as "voyeuristic" before changing the word to "exhibitionism".

The DUP distanced itself from Mr Wilson's comments saying they represented a "personal view". ... 03825.html" onclick=";return false;

The same Sammy Wilson whom was photographed walking around France bollock naked back in the 90's... (possible NSFW, so linked instead) ... o1_400.jpg" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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A bloody outrage: The decorated Para facing prosecution 44 years after shooting dead an IRA killer - while the blood-soaked men of terror know they'll never face justice (thanks to Blair's squalid 'peace' deal)
Quite why the Mail thinks things were better before the GFA is unclear. The thought of a united Ireland would hve been inconceivable 20 years ago.
McCann was shot in the back by three paras while running away. I can't see a problem is holding "peacekeepers" to a higher standard than the opposite sides of a civil war. ... z4FuoCVGc2" onclick=";return false;
By MisterMuncher
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It's just standard soldier rimming bullshit. The Mail (fuck it, the British press in general) are a little less forthcoming on the even more dirty laundry to come, to say nothing of what's already in the public domain.

It's always struck me as bizarre that those who maintain the RUC, UDR, Paras, SAS &c. are above reproach for what they did between 69 and 94-odd shit bricks at the merest hint of investigation. It's already open knowledge they shared weapons, intelligence and membership with the UVF and UDA. Beyond that, what exactly are they scared of?
By spoonman
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Sheesz, Foster has the neck like a jockeys bollox with her performance today. A shame this hasn't attracted wider attention outside of NI.
By bluebellnutter
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Martin McGuinness has resigned from his Deputy role, the thinking is this is to try and force fresh elections.
By youngian
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I take it biomass boilers don't figure highly in Republican mythology. Is he making a play to get rid of Arlene Foster? who wouldn't?
Cash for ash scandal ... are_btn_tw" onclick=";return false;
Getting caught in a scandal that rhymes, is memorable and rolls off the tongue is usually the sort of bad luck Corbyn has.
By MisterMuncher
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Pretty much, that's his play, and it's been better executed than one night reasonably expect. Getting rid of Arlene is almost a given at this stage, she's been blaming the 'ra and sexism rather than the fact she offered a 160% subsidy for the crisis. The trick being pulled is in timing and volume. SF are trying to get an election moving whilst DUP and UUP are still cutting lumps out of each other, and do so without drawing too much attention to the idea that any swing within unionism leaves SF as largest party, most ministries etc. Getting the almost rehabilitated, sickly looking Martin to step down in seeming exasperation at the defiant, belligerent, madly spinning Arlene is a much more savvy move then I expected.
By MisterMuncher
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The core DUP vote is all for that kind of shit anyway. Where they'll lose out is in more moderate Unionist circles, the "natural UUP" voter, who might slip back over the line. It depends whether UUP go for the throat, or slink back because at least the DUP are keeping the Fenians out.

Is anyone going to openly state that it's a bit strange that the factory manufacturing the wood pellets is in Arlene's constituency, or that there's a certain demographic slant in RHI applicants? The more you look, the less it looks like a simple, but immense fuck up and more and more like some good old fashioned backhanders.

What's also interesting is that Arlene had OFM pretty much handed to her as Peter Robinson jumped out the office before the stench of his corruption choked him. She was apparently a safe bet. If that's the case, what the fuck rise has Robbo been up to that this is the lesser scandal.
By bluebellnutter
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Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister is expected to make a second statement about his future following his announcement on Monday that he was resigning from the post.

Sources in Dublin said they expect McGuinness to confirm he will not be standing in an expected election to the Northern Ireland assembly, which was triggered by his resignation yesterday.

McGuinness left the post in protest over the first minister Arlene Foster’s refusal to temporarily stand down while a public inquiry takes place into a ‘cash for ash’ green energy scandal that has rocked the power sharing government to its foundations.

While Foster has faced demands to step aside to allow for an investigation into the renewable heat initiative, McGuinness and Sinn Fein have had to field questions about the deputy first minister’s apparent ailing health.

McGuinness has denied that his decision to resign had anything to do with his health.

But senior sources in Dublin said that an earlier report on RTE that McGuinness was suffering from a rare condition that affects the heart and the central nervous system would impact on his decision over standing in the second election to the assembly in less than a year.

“He did he would be making a second statement soon on his plans for the forthcoming election but given his condition it is expected he will not be standing this time around,” one senior source in the Republic said. ... afac91f4a8" onclick=";return false;
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