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By youngian
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The SDLP are rejecting direct rule due to no confidence over Brexit. That gives them a potentially wide electorate. As well as stuffing the Brits SDLP leader has taken trouble to release a statement saying he wants no part of the 'McGuinness is ill everyone vote for us' dirty tactics.

By MisterMuncher
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Fucking horrible firm, anyway. Worked for them in my youth, for a summer/holiday job. I'm in no way surprised they're into any scam going. I moved onto a job that was literally putting shit into bags and considered it an upgrade. The chicken industry has turned it's producers into latter-day sharecroppers.

The gist of what I've heard is that between a third and a half of all RHI payment is destined for chicken and mushroom producers of considerable size. Not the farmers themselves, who are given all equipment and materials by the parent company and then given a price for the output. The initial reports of empty cattle sheds being heated year round to collect a ridiculous subsidy were bad enough, but this is blatant corruption.
By bluebellnutter
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Michelle O'Neill, former health minister, is to replace Martin McGuinness as leader of Sinn Fein ... rn-ireland" onclick=";return false;

A profile of here here - ... mcguinness" onclick=";return false;
One of her first acts after the appointment last year was to abolish a longstanding ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood in the province. Her decision, after years of Democratic Unionist ministers blocking change, won the praise of the LGBT community in Northern Ireland.

Previously, as agriculture minister, O’Neill had a reputation for being hands-on. When parts of County Fermanagh were damaged by major floods last winter, O’Neill toured the area, visiting stricken farms and businesses in the border county.
She has no direct IRA connections (although her father was apparently involved), which makes for an interesting twist.
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