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By Cyclist
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suzie, London, United Kingdom, 3 days ago
university is just a business now taking lots of money from our young, getting them in debt and our governments are fully aware of this whist importing cheep slave labour and pretending they care about migrants
Aye, Suzie. All those fluffy little chicks having to load 16 tons* every day.

*Note to young people and other exotic creatures: this is a reference to a song by Tennessee Ernie Ford
By cycloon
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A great example of two different strands of thought I can't get on board with, one new, one decrepitly old.

Exhibit A: Manchester SU has voted to not use clapping at its meetings, for fear of causing some with audiosensory or autism issues discomfort. A thoughtful move, but it strikes one the idea that clapping is necessarily raucous or very loud is misguided (the example given is the Commons, which isn't every meeting...), and also a denial of a near-inbuilt human gesture of approval that is instinctive for most. I am surprised banning is the way forward. It's not very nuanced.

Exhibit B: Then you have Jeremy Vine trucking in in classic fuckwit style by demanding we judge students by soldiers' standards, and ignores, er, shellshock. ... r-45717841

Vine's - now deleted? - Tweet is captured in the article.
By mattomac
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It's the whooping and screaming that follows.

NUS have done this for ages, I would have thought anything that evidently helped more people (especially those who can be marginalised in society) participate would be good.

But apparently not. Apparently it's "snowflakes".
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