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I'd like to know what Lord Dubs makes of this:
Stop being sentimental about child refugees, says Tory MP

Critics of the government’s decision to close the door on refugee children from Calais have been urged to “stop being sentimental” by a Tory backbencher.

Pauline Latham, the Conservative MP for mid-Derbyshire, said other governments across Europe should be looking after the children in their jurisdictions, not Britain.

“They are not Nazi Germany,” she said in reference to the conditions in France. Czech-born Labour peer Alf Dubs, the champion of the child refugees, fled Germany as a child in 1939 and was given sanctuary in Britain.

“These children are not under threat of murder, they are in safe countries, [and] the governments [of those countries] should be dealing with [them],” Latham told the House of Commons during an emergency backbenchers’ debate on the government’s decision to stop the transfer of unaccompanied children from France.
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