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Heartening turn of events for one of the people who was involved in one of the most unseemly incidents of the last few weeks
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Interesting piece that in its first few lines answers the "Why are they all young fit men who speak English?" question rather well.

When Cracked does serious, it's good.
Up close and personal. This is simply a recounting of a quite remarkable evening and I'll be brief.

We were at the football. This is the fifth tier of German footie and, whilst we have had our glories is decades past, we are where we are; in a regionalised version of the Conference and with barely 600 die-hards for every home game.

Thing is though, we started the Football Fans Against Homophobia action which has spread throughout all the major leagues across Europe and were welcoming refugees as long as four years ago. In a way, you get kinda used to being part of who we are and what we do.

Nothing though, could have prepared me for what happened tonight.

An away against against Seelow in the east of Brandenburg. The site of the last significant battle before the brave men and women of the Red and Polish armies finally brought the monster to its knees. Also the site of a home for 160 refugees. We took a good three hundred tonight and that alone aint too shabby.

Now, I am used to the collection tin and usually chuck in a fiver or so, but tonight was different. The collection was to pay the Syrian lads in to the game and to get them a Coke to break the monotony. Holy fucking fuck.

Me struggling across five or six languages: "How do you say "offside" in Arabic?"
Bloke:" Erm.."offside"." (Fall about laughing)

Me: "What's your team at home?"
Bloke: "Aleppo. Here's a photo of my daughter wearing her Aleppo shirt, cool eh?"

Silence...more silence. I'm feeling a little nauseous by now. More chat. "what? You fucking swam the last mile and the Greek cops nicked your outboard?"

And then, after being 1:3 down, we finally pulled it back to three each with a minute to go.

Cue the whole TeBe/Syria block going mental and chanting, in Arabic, "Yella, yella Borussia!" with one of the Syrian lads taking on the role of capo.

I am so proud of our wee club tonight. We are Jewish, communist and a bunch of new Muslim friends have gone back to their barracks proud to wear the Lila Weiß of Tennis Borussia Berlin.

(There's obviously a new fluffy bunny humanitarian story to fawn over this week. As I've said before, does anyone remember #BringBackOurGirls? :?)
I saw that, too.

Cue Dacre's discharge howling about these pesky forrins coming over here and being treated by our NHS (and guess who's paying!) in 5, 4, 3...
First red doors, and now:

Asylum seekers made to wear coloured wristbands in Cardiff

Asylum seekers in Cardiff are being issued with brightly coloured wristbands that they must wear at all times, in a move which echoes the “red door” controversy in Middlesbrough and has resulted in their harassment and abuse by members of the public.

Newly arrived asylum seekers in the Welsh capital who are housed by Clearsprings Ready Homes, a private firm contracted by the Home Office, are being told that they must wear the wristbands all the time otherwise they will not be fed. The wristbands entitle the asylum seekers, who cannot work and are not given money, to three meals a day.
An excellent, intelligent, reasonable, level headed response from President Toomas Hendrik Ilves to the current refugee crisis. ... index.html

Yes, these are truly large numbers. Yes, they will strain social cohesion, our budgets. And, yet. We have seen far worse and we have prevailed. In the Europe of 1946, Germany alone had 12 million internal refugees and another 12 million Displaced Persons of 20 different nationalities.
To solve this, in three years UNRRA, the UN Relief and Rehabilitation Administration spent in today's money, some 50 billion Euros. I mention this number, illustratively, to give us all a sense of perspective to understand how daunting a task our grandparents faced when Europe had no institutions, sometimes not even sovereign governments. And all of this before the Marshall Plan even started.
So, Ladies and Gentlemen, let us now gather our wits and strengths, leave behind this indecision, finger-pointing and ducking of responsibility. We will handle this migration crisis. If we show the resolve of our forebears. We must act in solidarity with those member states that bear the brunt of the crisis, we must accept a functional form of burden-sharing.
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